Voice Search in 2018:

Many studies say that voice search in 2018 is becoming more comfortable among the users. More than 60% of people liked to use voice search instead of using type mode. It shows that voice search has great reception in the public. As marketers are in force to learn voice market to connect with customers. Here are few tips to optimize your content for Voice search.

voice search


1: Easy for Users to Understand:

Making your users understand may be a basic advice, but it is really so important. While using voice search in SEO, it is better to answer the user’s questions directly. Instead of answering them in a paragraph, giving a direct and crisp answer would be a better choice.


2: Natural Content:

Writing the content in a natural way is also an important factor. The content should be easily understood by the search engine and that should be easy to read aloud. When the content is written in natural form mean your content is so clear to target that type of queries and then that is the type of text we could use while having voice call as well.

Optimizing Content for Voice Search in 2018


3: Voice Snippets:

It’s better to use voice snippets. Voice snippets are nothing but recording your voice or other audio files. This is done by turning on voice & audio availability. This would be the better choice to see how your content is organized.

Finally, do not over optimize your content. Over optimizing and making changes quickly may lead you in the worst situation. Optimize voice search your content for best results but don’t overdo it.