What is Page Rank?

Page Rank is an algorithm in Google which determines a page’s importance in Search Engine. It is usually measure in the range from 0 to 10. Important pages receive the higher page rank and if higher page rank means it is more likely to appear at the top of Google Search Result.

Does Page Rank Really Matters in SEO


What Determines the Page Rank?

Several factors are considered for determining the Page Rank like SEO Friendliness, Content, and links. Out of which Page rank is determined by the backlinks mainly. Quality backlinks improves the page rank of the webpage. Page rank has its significant impact on Search Engine Ranking as it tells about the quality of the webpage and link trust worthiness. One of the easiest way to know the page rank is to make use of the Page Rank Checker Tool. As mentioned, most important of all in page rank is quality of the backlinks or incoming links to the webpage. But all the incoming links are created or considered equally.

However, if you get a single link from high domain authority or page authority sites (Eg: Wikipedia) has more impact on page rank and it is obviously more than 50 links which you receive from the less page rank site. In order to improve the page rank, first know the indexing of the page where it stands in the search Engine Result Page and try to improve the backlinks of the webpage. Join popular online forums like Ezine Article and post content with backlinks to your website/webpage this will significantly improve the page rank. Page Rank are categorized as:

0-3: Site with minimal link

4-5: Sites with good amount of inbound links

6-7: Popular to Very Popular site with hundreds of quality links

8-10: Big Companies or Media Brand or International Brand.

Page Rank of the webpage / website is usually mentioned as PR4 where PR stands for Page Rank and number followed by the PR is the actually rank of the page.

Does Page Rank Really Matters in seo


How to Check Page Rank?

There are immense websites on the internet to find the page rank. Google also has Page rank checker which is absolute free. To check Page Rank you just need to give the URL and click on “Check Page Rank” button which will give the Page Rank Value as the result. If you want to find the page rank of the website then you should use Google Page Rank Checker and add URL of the pages in the website not just the “Home Page”. Google Page Rank Checker will provide page rank of each link. Page Rank is the score that represents the importance of the page to improve page rank get a link to the webpage from the high link pages and if you do so the page rank importance or lime juice of the page will get transmitted to the page which you get to rank. Page rank is one of the main factor which influences the ranking in search engine. Higher page rank alone does not guarantee the higher search engine ranking.