Page Speed Optimization:

Once the Google has announced an algorithm update called Speed update that mainly focuses on page speed as a ranking factor. From the Google algorithm update, Page speed of a page also became one of the important ranking factors. Earlier, the page speed insights only show how well the page has been adhered to set. But, the page insight failed to present how well and quick the page has been performing in the real world. Also, when to apply optimization has been made too hard.

Page Speed Insights from Real World Data

But, Today Google has an improved feature for page speed insight. Page speed Insights date will be from Chrome users report. This update helps in better optimization score with real-time data.


Page Speed has Few Updated Key Elements:

1: First the page speed score category has been divided into fast, average and Slow. The category is defined by examining the median value of First Contentful Paint and DOM Content Loaded. The page to be fast, both the metrics to be at the top one-third.

2: The Optimization score has been categorized into Good, Medium, Low. The optimization score should be maintained at the same level.

Page Speed Insights from Real World Data

3: The Page Load Distributions displays page’s FCP and DCL events. These events are classified as fast, average and Slow by matching all the events in the Chrome users report. Here Slow means top third, Average -> Middle third and Slow -> Bottom third

4: Optimization suggestion is the best practice that could be utilized on the page. If the page score is fast, these suggestions are hidden by default.