Google has announced to use page speed as the one of the important ranking factor for mobile. Studies shows that many search engine users are caring about the speed of the page. Though page speed is a ranking factor already it was mainly focused only for desktop searches. Recently Google has announced, “Page Speed” will also be a ranking factor for the mobile searches from July 2018. Google has considered this after measuring how performance affects a user experience. Chrome user experience report by Page Speed insights will deliver more accurate results on user centric performance metric.

This user centric performance measures now started to focus on mobile users as number of mobile search engine users is more than desktop search engine users. With this change, Google has now shifted the importance from desktop to mobile to give better user experience for mobile searches too. The initially step what Google took for this was, Mobile First Indexing and now the new page speed insights. The main focus of mobile first indexing validating your website for mobile on various factors like responsiveness of a website, how page is designed, how contents are managed to mobile users and many.

Page Speed as Mobile Ranking Factor from July 2018

The new page speed insights are categorized on their focusing as,

  • Speed Score
  • Optimization Score
  • Page Load Distribution
  • Page Stats
  • Optimization Suggestions.

You get your performance measure of the above factors in page speed insights and can improve your performance from the suggestions of optimization. Other tools, which will help you is Lighthouse which is an Automated Tool and google developers tool for auditing your site.