Page speed is one of the important ranking factors in SEO. Page speed plays an important role in conversion. Because if you have the good-looking site and unique content whether the web pages loads slowly the user will change their decision and move out of your web page.

There are many factors are considered in 2018 for optimizing the page speed. Let discuss some of the factors for page speed.

Page Speed Optimization in 2018

First and foremost thing is image optimization because it takes some time to load the web page. There are many tools are available for image optimization. Eg.Wikipedia site loads faster because there is huge content than images. So we must provide optimized and videos for fast loading webpage.

The second one loads the CSS form externally so that it helps to improve your page speed. Remove the unwanted from metadata from our data. While giving meta description, give it in a proper way with given minimum character for increase page speed.

Next one use CDN, it helps huge way to improve your page speed. CDN helps to access your webpage content from the nearby server that the web pages load fastly.

There are many online tools are available to check the page speed. From there you can get suggestion where we want to optimize to improve your page speed. So that we can concentrate in particular way to improve your page speed.

Infozub Page Speed service

Finally, very minute things are highly concentrated in page speed. If we optimize that in a smart way surely we will succeed in page speed optimization. Anyhow, we must concentrate on this because page speed plays a very important role in business conversion.