Are You Preparing for Digital Marketing Interview? How and what you’re preparing? Whether the thing which you prepare is up to date? How will the interview progress for a digital marketing analyst/SEO Analyst/SMO Analyst/Consultant roles?

We’ll discuss on such thing in today’s article to have a clear-cut idea before facing an interviewer.

Digital Marketing Interview


Class Room Mode or Online Mode?

There is always some confusion for people, whether to go with good old ways of studying with a similar mindset people in a classroom or with dozens of links open in new window for studying the articles written by experts and some so-called training courses.

After reading the above sentences,

Ok! I’m going to call my friends (like-minded people) and sit in a room to discuss about digital marketing for gaining knowledge.

Wait, Digital Marketers! Where will you learn from?

Online! Right?

You were like, “Hey man, what you want us to do?”

I will make it clear, Get your laptop with internet connection and like-minded people at the same place. Read about a particular topic and discuss with the people around you to know at what extent you have understood the particular niche. Because discussing with the people will streamline your thoughts on particulars.


What do you need to be prepared?

Understand the dynamics of a company when you’re ready to attend an interview, either they’re a well-established company to bring-in a person after the huge process or a start-up, who value your domain knowledge ideally.

Digital Marketing Interview

As said, the corporates will look for problem-solving skills by conducting quants as a preliminary round, whereas start-up will add merits when you have knowledge on the core of a niche.


Digital Marketing and Uncertainty:

As you’re going to be a digital marketer, your preparation should be on daily basis, because you never know what’s going to happen next, in the digital environment!

Shall I share my freak of thought?

What will happen if Facebook itself become a search engine?

If that happens where will people in Google Run for?

What if Google only allows paid ads on the first page? (Rumours going around).

As life as Digital Marketing, nothing is certain. These What If’s are one of the uncertainties in digital marketing!

Be prepared for the future (long-run) rather than having a thought of finishing the next day comfortably.

To be a successful digital marketer, Stay Focus and Stay Updated!