What Is a Private Blog Network?

PBN (Private Blog Network) is the network of Authority site which is used to build the links to your website. The Authority links are used for ranking higher in the Google search engine. The PBN is a type of website which is unrelated to your website, so the links from private blog networks look like natural links. It looks like someone is linking from their website to your website.

Authority Backlinks

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or webpage. When webpage is linked to another webpage in a site, it helps to improve ranking in Google search engine. If your website get links from an Authority site to improve your site ranking.

Importance of Backlinks In SEO

Backlinks are an important factor of SEO it gives more credits to your website. Mainly the Google search engine will add more credit to your website when the website have good number of quality backlinks and consider this website to display in results page when a search query is related to your website.

What are PBN Backlinks?

Backlinks from PBN are the links built from a network of linked or connected blogs or website, webpages.

How Does PBN Works?

We all know that if we want to rank higher on Google search engine you need backlinks. But that backlink are should appear as natural, so we obtain a kind of natural backlinks from PBN. So when your website gets backlinks from Authority site, it will automatically rank higher on Google search engine.

How PBN Works In SEO?

It really works in SEO. If you want to build a website with good ranking in search engine then you need to buy good PBN for improve your backlinks.

How to Build A PBN

There are many steps to be followed while building a PBN.


Analysing and Buying a domain is the first step in building a PBN. Before buying a domain you should do proper analysis of the domain because if your main website gets backlinks from irrelevant PBN then it leads to some serious results. Once the PBN get indexed in search engine then link from the PBN is considered as Authority backlinks.

Buying Domains

It is advised to buy expired domains for PBN. While building a blog you should start from scratch.

Buying Expired Domains

Because normally expired domains may have some authority when it’s on live, it may lose some authority when it expired. If we put some effort while building a PBN surely you will reach the high authority in a search engine.

Relevance Domain

When you choose a domain to buy for private blog network you should undergo all the kinds of analysis. If you wish to buy a domain it should relevant to your website.
Let consider an example: If your website is related to technology then you should select the domain for backlinks also related to technology. Or else if your website gets backlinks from the irrelevant website then it leads to negative results.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a metric organized by SEO. It helps to predict the ability of the domain to rank in search engine. It shows the potential of the website to rank in search engine results.

Page Authority

Page authority is also a kind of metrics used in Search engine optimization. The page authority helps to predict the rank of a specific page in search engine results. It scores also measured from 0 to 100. The website with higher scores has a greater ability to rank in the Google search engine.

Citation Flow

Citation flow is the popularity of the website. How the URL is influenced in other sites or how many sites are linked to the domain.

Trust Flow

As the name represents it helps to predict the trustworthy of the webpage and predict the trustworthy of the link to another website.

How the Citation Flow and Trust Flow are interact?

As discussed above the citation and trust are somewhat similar but they interact in a different way to find authorized domain. Usually, the domain should contain citation flow and trust flow in the ration of 1:2.
Let us consider an example of this ratio level is citation flow: 20 and Trust flow: 40. If the domain has proper ration then you can decide that the website have high authority in the search engine. If the citation flow is higher than the trust flow then it is no doubt that the website has low quality links.
Private Blog Network


There are many hosting services are available you can choose best hosting services for your private blog network. Picking the right hosting is very important for maintaining PBN. Try to keep every site on its own hosting because it helps you to follow the domains properly.
It is recommended to host the domain in different IP address which helps to make the profile to look like nature. So that you can step into develop authority link developing.
Now you completed the steps of buying a domain and the different analysis for buying right domain for a private blog network. Now we step into designing, content and social identity of the PBN’s.


By following the quote “Content is King” you need to provide proper content for your blogs and then link to your main website. When you start your blog it doesn’t index immediately on search engine. It takes sometime to index for that you need to provide unique content related to domain and title of the content. Once you published the articles try to provide proper interlinking.
It does not rule that you must deliver your ideas only through the text you can also use right images. It is highly recommended to don’t spend too much time on content writing for blogs. You can clearly deliver your thoughts and ideas in 300 to 500 words so that people will not get bored while go through your content.
You can perform a smart approach to make a blog look more attractive and get good ranking in search engine. Some of them use infographics, images and videos to deliver your correctly to your regular visitors to your blog.

Social Identity

After publishing the article in a blog you should leave the PBN as inactive you must create some social profiles to your PBN for regular sharing. It looks like impossible to create social profiles for a number of domains but we have so many options to add page in one social account if you publish an article periodically or weekly once you can share the article in specified social profiles. So that you can make your blog look natural with regular updates. By following this you can improve your website authority and get good ranking in the Google search engine. Now you must concentrate on one thing is you should not create multiple profiles in a single platform and link to your blog, it shows artificial.
Private Network

Is PBN is considered as Black Hat SEO?

You may hear this “PBN is consider as black hat SEO strategy”. Let be clear this Google will e-index your site when you get an unauthorized link to your site. Let us consider an example: You paid for a journalist to link to your website then search engines de-index your website.

Advantages of Using PBN for Backlinks

You can control over search engine optimization of your website. You can improve your Authority backlinks to your website.
You can improve the authority and trust range of your website. Because if you get backlinks from authority blogs or webpage related to your content. Then search engine will look into that and improve the site authority for good ranking in the search engine.
High SERP rate of your main website will help you to rank in search engine. You can hit top 10 ranking in search engine but it depends upon the quality of content, keywords we used in content and much more.

Disadvantages of Using PBN for Backlinks

As discussed above we need to find right expired domains for PBN building. It is difficult task to find expired domains which related to our site, with respective citation flow, trust flow, Authority backlinks and much more.
PBN should have own hosting so that we can improve site authority. When we block separate address for PBN we can avoid de-index in search engine.
While you are using PBN for link building you need to manage several other websites. If you miss any expired date of website or blog we lost the website. So maintenance of website is more important.
When we owning separate address for different address you pay more hosting accounts. These are some of the cons when you preferred to use PBN for improving backlinks.

Do’s and Don’ts while building a PBN

The most important thing is content you should not use copy content, spun content in your blogs or website. If you follow this surely search engine will find your blog or website are unauthorized. You must use the relevant article, cache headlines, use images and videos for explaining about your article. Share your articles in social media channels for improving new visitors to your site. These steps are surely will improve your site authority at that when you used your blog for link building. Your main website will show some positive results in Google search engine.


Both advantages and disadvantages are present in all strategy are followed in search engine ranking. If you follow the strategy in right way surely you will get proper results in search engine ranking.

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