WordPress is a leading CMS which is widely used in Website Development and Online Blogs. Learn how to publish an article in WordPress via 7 Simple steps with Screenshots. This tutorial is best for new bloggers and website owners who are very New to WordPress platform. We have already installed necessary plugins for best performance on the websites that we build for our clients. So, let’s get started by Step 1 – Login to WordPress.

7 Easy Steps to Publish article on WordPress

Login To WordPress:

Before publishing an article in WordPress for your website, you have to login to the WordPress dashboard with the registered Username and Password respectively.

Publish an Article in WordPress

After you enter the login details, it will take to you into the WordPress dashboard.


In WordPress Dashboard:

Now you can see the WordPress dashboard of your Website in your browser. The menus are displayed in the left side of your dashboard. In that click on Post -> New Post. If you are creating the first post, delete the default post and add your own content and publish your First Post!

Publish an Article in WordPress

Another method is to click on “+New” in the top of the dashboard. In that select the post option.


Editing the Article:

Now you can see “Add New Post” page, in the title area – Enter your post title, which should be relevant to your content that you are going to publish in your website.

Then type your article content in the text area. You can highlight your important keywords and points by text formatting like Bold, Italic and Underlined in-order to get attention of readers and Search Engines.

Publish an Article in WordPress

  • We can also align the paragraph with left align, right align, center align and justify option.
  • We can also change the font family, size and color of the article content by adding the plugins, there are many plugins are compatible with WordPress, which can be used for higher level of Text Formatting.
  • If we want to remove all formatting at a time, use Remove formatting option.
  • Generally there are two types of editors are there in the WordPress. There are Visual editor and Text editor.
  • Heading, Subheading and Minor heading options are there in the WordPress to get the attention of the Search Engine crawlers. Technically they are H1 to H6.
  • You can also use full screen mode to maximize the editor section and write blogs distraction free.



Publish an Article in WordPress

  • Generally there are two types of links that we can insert, they are internal links and external links. You can have anchor text as well.
  • Internal link is the process of linking with in the same website. External Link is the process of linking to some other website.
  • To Insert Hyper-link select the anchor text and click on Insert Link Icon , give the link, ensure the link opens in new window/tab and click on Add Link Button.




You can add the new category by “+ Add New Category” option in the Categories Section. If the category is already added means, simply select the category. You can also select more than one category, but it should be relevant to your article.



Publish an Article in WordPress

Tags for the article can be simply added by typing the keywords in the tag text area. We can insert a new tag and delete the exiting tags as well.


Publish Section:


Publish an Article in WordPress

  • Save draft button is used to save the article which is currently being edited.
  • Preview button in the publish section is used to preview the editing article with changes that are yet to be published.
  • Publish button is used to publish the Article.
  • Additionally, visibility and publish immediately options are there to control the visibility of the post and date of the article published.


Now, Focus on Keyword Ratio, SEO meta title and meta description for the article. The click publish.