What is the Quality Score in Google AdWords?

The Quality score is a quality and relevancy of your keywords and PPC ads that Google allows. The quality score is based on your CPC, bid strategy, landing page experience, and ad relevancy.

When Google tells you that your ad is not being displayed regularly, it means your keyword/landing page combination is not very relevant to Google users. If your ad stats as low quality, it is less likely to generate revenue. This can be fixed by seeing the status column, you can find what is the problem with the low-quality score or what Google thinks about your Keyword. Ads are rarely shown due to poor Quality Score at 2/10 or a 1/10 Quality Score.

Importance of Quality Score in AdWords

Importance of Quality Score:

If Google AdWords tells that there is the low-quality score, then it is advertiser’s responsibility to check the status and fix them. When we don’t examine Quality score as a factor, then it may lead to not displaying off your ads or rarely showing your ads.




Click Through Rate:

Google will not easily make your keyword to get a “good” click-through rate. In this case, it is going to vary from one term to another, but it is always better to be starting the curve when it comes to CTR.


Ad Relevancy:

Verify whether your ad linked to the keywords in your ad group! This would be a great idea of whether your ad is related to what people are exploring in order to trigger your ad.


Landing Page:

This is an important factor to check. Check whether your Landing page gives the positive experience to your visitors? It is important to check landing page. Your landing page must be used to and quickly accessible to the visitors. If you have good and easy accessible landing page, then people will be most likely to visit your page.

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