The first task for any Local Business should be to verify the Google My Business Listing(GMB). Getting verified from Google Business Listing will have a great chance of showing your business in Google’s Local Pack, Google Maps, Local Finder and Organic Results. A Local Business has to add their address, phone number, business time, type of their business, the mode of payment to be accepted and some other basic information about your very own business. 

If you haven’t done this before and kindly submit and get it done here at 

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Why your business listing is not coming up in the listing while you’re searching for? 

It’s because you’re not realizing that there are so many features to be filled up to engage the audience more in your business. 


Go Through Every Feature in Google Business Listing and Do What Google Asks for: 

 There are lots of questions to be answered in Google Business Listing Profile, which you could have missed or not aware such thing exists. If you start ad such things then you have valuable data added to your profile, which most of your competitor could have missed. Most of the don’t know that anyone can suggest to edit your listing, includes your competitor too, so be aware of such process. 

 When someone clicks on “Suggest to Edit” option, then they can literally edit your data in the listing.  

 This can be avoided by regular monitoring of your Google Business Listing. Similar way, you must have the mindset to accept the edits, which are really worth to improve your business 


How to post in Google Business Listing? 

Do you know that you can do a blog post on Google Business Listing?  

Yes! it’s available. 

You can play around it to add a relevant blog post to industry, which includes worthy content, images, call to action, and even a link to another post. 

It depends on your industry, you can add your recent updates on sale, offers, webinar kind of things, the arrival of new products, spending a day out on holidays and much more with based on your creativity playground.  

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Straight away book through Google Booking Feature: 

Don’t know how to add Google Booking Feature in your listing, here I say, 

If you create an account with Google’s one of the supported scheduling providers ( ), then the booking button will be automatically added to your listing. 

 You can get used to some other features like messaging, question and answering and most importantly reviews. 

 Reviews can be considered as a most important factor to be listed higher among your competitors.  

Does getting genuine reviews are a tough task? 

Satisfy your client’s needs and ask them to put a feedback on Google Business Listing, they won’t say no when your service is good enough to satisfy them. 

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