Search Engine is the place where the people will search for something what they want or something they need to know. The words used to find or to satisfy their needs is termed as the keywords. It is not much technical word but the importance of a keyword in Digital Marketing is too high. Because Digital marketing is completely based on the users’ needs and the words used to identify the product or services.  

google algoritham

There are various search engines like Google, Bing, etc… Among them Google is the most preferred Search Engine mainly because of its user friendly interface and personalized search results. Search Engines were the bots programmed in a way to identify the list of websites which will provide the solution for that query searched by the particular user.  

The main work of a search engine is to list the relevant websites based on the keywords. It is not a simple process because we know that the combinations for a single search can be varied unlimited times and based on those the results want to be organized. It is not so easy to provide the user personalized or a proper results what the user needs.  

How SEO related to Search Engine Algorithm? 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the web pages based on the keywords. In simple manner it will highlight the search engine that the page is relevant to particular keyword so that the search engine will index the web page. A page where Search Engine lists the results based on the user search is called Search Engine Result Page. Here the webpage will be listed based on various factors and those factors were considered as the SEO Factors.  

Finally, a website will be optimized based on the factors using which a Search Engine lists the website. Search Engine algorithms were designed to provide the quality results for the users so that the needs of the users will be satisfied. The quality results created the trust among the people like “if a website is in top search results then it is considered as the top in that particular field”. This is how search engine algorithm is related to the Search Engine Optimization.

algoritham for google

Why Search Engine Algorithm Updated Frequently? 

There will be competitors in the every domain or every field and it is the same in the Search Engines too. The need of a search engine is to list the most relevant website based on the user search query. If a ranking factor is identified by anyone then the keyword will be stuffed based on the particular ranking factor. Also to avoid indexing the irrelevant websites or the website with key stuffed, the search engine will keep on updating their search algorithm.  

It’s like an security software which will be updated once a flaw is identified, here the update will be done to improve the relevancy of search results. 

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