Sometimes when you search in Google, you will find a descriptive box with solution for your questions and which is different from the search results. Featured Snippets, gives you the most needed and direct answers for your question which makes you more comfortable. In previous days, you will search for something and you will click on the links to know more about what you have searched for.  

What is a Featured Snippet? 

Featured Rich Snippets is the quick answer which is displayed only at the top of a search results. Rich snippets won’t decrease the result count but it is showed in addition to the search results. Rich Snippets were implemented by placing some additional codes which describes more about the product.  

snippet google

In normal search results, you will see the title in the top and description next to the title. But when it comes to Featured Snippets, it will be in top of search results and it will have description above the title of a webpage. 

Featured Snippets Help with Mobile and Voice Search 

Recent update in Featured Snippets will help to optimize well for the Mobile as well as voice based search results. As we can see the growth in voice searches, showing the 10 listed results won’t be a nice. So to enhance the search results, rich snippets are introduced. If you are asking something to Google Search Engine, it will show the direct answers and it makes the users to feel more comfortable. 

People click on featured snippets 

If a person is finding some relevant results in featured Snippet, then they can read what’s provided. It has some character limits because it must highlight the Featured Snippets without reducing the organic list of 10 webpages. So if the particular person is interested in knowing more about it, then they will click on the webpage to read.  

Feedback Section 

Featured snippets are similar to that of the search results. The accuracy of the results will vary a bit and the developer team is getting the feedbacks of the users to provide the best. It is made easy to receive the feedback by providing the option in the bottom of the featured snippets. Just using the feedback section helps them to improve the quality of featured snippets.