There are many ways to increase traffic to your website and one such way is marketing your content. Website traffic is based in the online marketing. Only if you get people to your website, they will get to know about the product you offer. And if they need the product, they will purchase the same from you. So do business and increase conversion rate, website traffic is base.
So, increase traffic to your website, you should gain some visibility in online either by SEO, SEM or SMO. In this article, we are going to see some of the strategies to improve the ranking of your site in Search Engine as well as gain some visibility in online.
Content Marketing - Traffic

Quality Content

Despite all the optimization that exist, the essential thing is to have quality content. Google is trying more and more to bring better quality content to its users, so the best way to grow in online is providing the quality content to your website visitors. Content marketing has come to help optimize page and texts.
While optimizing the content, get good keyword density. Keyword density of density of keyword (number of times your article content has the keyword) for every 100 words. It is good to have 2% to 5% of your total words as keywords. But don’t overdo in this, as it may result in keyword stuffing which is not so good for Search Engine Optimization.
Another good way is to leave your keyword in bold and italics. The keyword must appear at least once in bold, for the searcher’s attention. Follow appropriate styles and heading tags.


Have a user-friendly user that go with the hypertext. Many people often get confused between hypertext and hyperlink. The hyperlink is the link to another page of the same website or link to other website and hypertext is the text or word which when you click link opens. If you need a link to open when text is clicked then the text is hypertext and link which open to the action of the click is called hyperlink. What sure the text and link have some relevancy. If you select hypertext as “Amazon” then “Amazon site should be a page which opens up when clicked” and other irrelevant pages or site. The link you have in your page or post should make some sense to the visitor.

Now Market your Content:

Share your content anywhere and everywhere possible so that audience could reach it down. You can share your article in article sharing platform, Guest Post, Q&A Platforms like Quora, submit answers in forum and lot.
Content Marketing is a strategy that focuses on building the trust and strong relationship with your targeted audience with high-quality contents.

Your efforts in content marketing give the following results,


People will be aware of the type of business you do. They aren’t necessarily ready to buy the product but by content marketing, they will get to know about the product or service you opt to your customers and they may know who you are.

Consideration and decision

Once people are aware of your business, they will buy from you if they are in need. The decision to buy is different from consideration, once you get qualified in the consideration part then the customer will buy the product or service you render. Basically, with awareness, you try to gauge the interest for this you continuously create content and attract people who are interested in your product. You try to reach the customer in every possible way like a new letter, email marketing till they reach the decision stage and buy your product.
These are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to increasing traffic of the website. Hope, this gives you some idea of increasing traffic to your website.