In spite of spending a lot of time and money on a website to get where it wants to be and still not getting the expected results? Here are SEO Audits for your website. Check on the below aspects and take your site to see the results what you are expecting out of it.
Auditing your website is a necessity and not an option
SEO Audits gives the checklist to check your website optimization and can boost your site ranking in search engine result page. Before going to the checklist let us first see

What is SEO Audit?

It is stepwise checking of your website to find issues if there is any and take necessary steps to improve boosting of your webpage in Search Engine Performance.
SEO Audit makes your website more readable. Only if search crawlers read your site, your website will be ranked in the search engine. SEO Audit makes sure your site is completed customized, to get crawled. Once you submit your website to any search engine like Google, Yahoo your site will be crawled to know about “What your site is to”, and after crawling your website will be ranked in the search engine for the search queries related to the content in the website. If there are any issues in ranking your website like “not been indexed” or “getting ranked for irrelated keywords” then here is some fundamental issues.
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To overcome this issue, you need to regularly have SEO Audits as Google or other search engines update their search algorithm frequently. To get completely SEO Audits do the below,

  • Compare yourself with competitors
  • Identify the customization which has to be implemented on your changes by comparing with Search Engine Optimization guidelines
  • Identify the pages which you need to work
  • Work on the weaker pages, fix them to get more traffic
  • Work on some expectations what you expect on other sides like Look and Feel and more.

Once you started working on it, your website will perform better and start to give the expected results over a period of time.
Let us now, directly get into the Checklist in SEO Audits,
Improve the technical aspects of your website. When it comes to SEO audits many people consider only for improving the rank of the website. With just by adjusting optimizing one aspect of the website, you can’t expect the site to perform best but even a small change will make the website to perform better than usual.
SEO is a combination of different aspects, and there are tons of website that you can use to check your site auditing like SEM Rush, Screaming Frog SEO Spider and many. Use either of this to have a quick site check-up.
After site checkup, find out reset updates of Panda and Penguin Algorithm.

Google Panda Algorithm:

It checks the content of your website. It validates your site content and ranks your site according to its quality in the aspect of the content of your site. If your website has duplicate content, low-quality content lower your ranking in search engine ranking. Give some high-quality contents to get your site in top results of Search Engine Result Page.
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Google Penguin Algorithm:

This algorithm is designed to identify the sites which follow Google Webmaster guidelines and sites which overrule webmaster guidelines (black hat SEO). This algorithm will boost the ranking of a website which follows webmaster guidelines and lowers the rank if a website follows black hat SEO. It identifies the white hat and black hat SEO by considering the links on your website. By understanding the nature of website links it could easily understand the difference between black hat and white hat SEO and according to the take the necessary actions in the ranking of your website in search engine result page.
To put in simple terms, Panda focuses on Content and penguin focus on links to your website.

Improve Your Page title:

WebPage title will be displayed on the search engine result page and it is clickable for the specific search term. It gives an idea of the page and more important for Search Engine Optimization and usability.

1. Search Engine Result Page:

Your title tag works as Display title in Search Engine Result Page. A Good Title tag ranks your website well and serves as the deciding factor in determining whether to click on the link or not.

2. Web Browser

The title tag is also displayed at the top of the web browser and acts as a placeholder, for those who perform multitasking by opening more than one tab at a time. Content related, precise and unique keywords help to ensure that people get back to the track of your website content.
Web browser

3. Social Network

When your website content is shared, your title tag will be used to display on the post when it is shared.

Meta Description:

Searches Invitation is Meta Description of your webpage. It often provides the summary of what your page is about to the search engine users in few sentences or with a short paragraph below the Clickable Title of the pages.
Write a unique meta description:
As like title, the meta description is important and it should be unique to each page. One way to duplicate meta description is to implement the programmatic way to create unique meta description to your automated pages.

Canonical URL:

Canonical URL tell the search engine that list of other URLs is same. Sometimes you have a website and need some product or content to be found in multiple URLs or even in multiple sites. In order to avoid duplication, redundancy and to rank the right page, you can use the keyword canonical to say the preferred version of the website – or the original source URL.
Choosing proper canonical URL for the set of other similar urls will improve your SEO Performance of your website. However, setting a canonical URL is like setting 301 redirects to your website without actual redirection.

Crawl your website

Crawling your website will help you to identify your website issues in the bird’s eye view. Sometimes you might have set “No index” to few pages which will not be ranked in a search engine as you instructed search engine crawler to not to index the page.
This means you are not reaping the benefits out of those pages and losing the opportunity to rank that page for related keywords. A simple site crawl can help you identify those issues and fix it.

User Experience

User Experience is a core for Search Engine Optimization. All the optimization works are carried out on your website to give a better user experience if your user experience is not that good, there is no use in investing a lot of time in Online Marketing. To improve your SEO and ranking, start working on user experience.

Look and Feel:

Color may a brand. The example is Facebook, Twitter. Make sure that colors on your website follow certain schemes so that your reader or website visitor pay attention only to the content on your website.
Choosing an appropriate color combination is the most important element in your website. Psychology says people are likely to be influenced by the color combination and acceptance or rejection of the website is greatly associated with color used in the website. Choice of colors has a positive impact on your website visitors.
impact of webdesign
Colors used on your website should be determined by considering the targeted audience of your website this is because the color preferred by elderly people and younger people will not be the same. And using super extreme bright colors like red, yellow will not be appealing to the website and could drive the visitor away from the website. And at the same time, you can use attractive colors in a website like red to Book Now or Get Quote and more.

Use Image and Videos:

Image and Videos are greatly used to present a product or service to visitors. Make sure to add enough images and videos whenever it is necessary, maintain a balance between the content and visual content on your website.
Good balance between text and Images/Videos and a neat responsive design will boost your website engagement. To further improve your engagement of your visitors, have Call to Action on every page of your website and have Call To Action above the fold. If CTA is placed below the hold, you might not get clicks as above the fold.

DNS Setting:

The easiest way to do this is by using Google Search Console. It is very simple login to your Search console and checks the current status if you see “Green Check Mark”, your DNS is set Good to go. You can also perform, free test with the Pingdom tool. All you need to do is, enter URL and click on Test Now, it will result on the DNS setting of your webpage.


Run SEO Audit to your website and see your website where you wanted it. Regular SEO Audit will help you to resolve any error in the website and which need to be fixed on your web page to boost your visibility and ranking in search engine.

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