The party time for 2018 has already started, Meanwhile, the digital world is also started to explore and providing new dimensions to every part and piece around it.


The Search Graph is changing:

Over the period of time, our so-called big systems are becoming too small when compared to the smartphones that are launched so far. The statement is considerable on seeing the phones like iPhone X and One Plus 5T, where most of the systems are not past 4 GB of Ram, they’re provided with 8 GB of it. The power of small gadgets are slowly utilized by applications and search engines likely.


Search Results and SEO


Text searches are exhausting:

The Build Up on manhandled and easily accessible gadgets are reflects on the immense growth in voice recognition systems. The growth constraints the search engines to add-on the voice search to give better search results with user experience respectively. Even now, most of the search results are changed because of the voice search.

The rich snippets that every SEO consultants thriving to rank are the main instance of how a voice search has changed the perspective of SEO. The Rich Snippet has to be Stand out content from other lists.


You can check out the result from Google for the keyword – What is Meta Description?

Still, There are things to figure out with difficulties like pronouncing the word as S E O instead of “Seeoo”.


Google’s Mobile First Indexing:

In a recent update, Google has clearly mentioned the preference of mobile first index. What is Mobile first index? what does it say?

Google will allocate ranking based on the performance of website’s mobile version. A website should have a better response in mobile than in the desktop version, since as already said the user’s traffic through mobile in immensely huge.


How a Mobile First Index Works?

A GoogleBot will first index the mobile version of a website and check for the response, user- experience and content in it. If the parameters match then the site will results in good ranking. If it doesn’t meet, the competitors will go past your position to top the list. Though you’re not concentrating on mobile version, it will still be considered, so take a quick action for better results.


What You Think is Not What it’s going to be:


Search Results and SEO in 2018

Considering most of the expert’s thoughts and suggestions, we could point out how this process is going to happen. In future, there will be scheme, structured data implementation, designs, AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages), PageSpeed Insights and separate tools for analyzing the SEO factors of Mobile Version.


Content is the King:

Though 2018 is reaching the next league of SEO, you could realize content is the king, where are all other factors will be slaves that revolves around king’s command. Keep getting updated with digital changes and Good Luck your optimization and ranking in 2018.