What is Link Building?

Link Building is a process of giving the links from one page to another page in a same or to a different website. In other words, a backlink is also called as a hyperlink, it is inbound links or incoming links from the internet. It is used to navigate from one web page to another web page through the internet. Backlinking part places an important role in ranking. Generally Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing consider backlinks in their algorithms. If you give proper links to your website, you can definitively get more traffic and top ranking in Google. The linking should relevant to your niche or else this will decrease your website ranking. While search engine crawling the website it will consider links along with contents in the page, it will also crawl the entire content of the linked website or page about niche, popularity etc.

Link Building

Backlinking makes a huge impact on a website prominence in SE (Search Engine) results. The links should be a good quality link, relevant and highly trusted resources, this will help to improve ranking and domain trustability. A page with a lot of backlinks tends to rank higher on all major search engines, including Google and Yahoo. If your website links points to any unrelated niche, spam links or a link from an untrusted resource, your site may be penalized by search engine due to violating Google webmaster guidelines, so this will create negative impact to your website in SE. Also, a backlink refers the web Popularity. If you having more backlinks to your website means the search engine will understand that your website is popular, so automatically your website will be moved to the top in search results to suggest other people who are searching particular topic through the internet. Let us see in detail about secrets backlinking and its strategies.

Do Follow and No Follow Links

Do Follow Links

Dofollow links allow Search Engines like Google to count and follow the linked page/site. This is also called Follow Link. By default, all links do follow links unless you modify that particular link to be no follow. While Search Engine Crawls, it crawls your website, it will consider doing follow links along with contents, images, video, and attachments etc. Crawlers continue to other pages they discover through standard links. These links give you a small boost in SEO part. Nowadays Google created a metrics called a page rank to calculate the points of the link. The link points are also called a link juice.

Do Follow Link Structure:

<a href=”https://www.infozub.com”>best digital marketing agency</a>

It is the same of a normal hyperlink, as I said Do follow links and normal links are same.

Note: The content and keyword should be relevant. If there is no relevancy the ranking will not improve, harmful links may have a chance to decrease your ranking.

Link Juice:

Link Juice is a term used to refer to the value of the link which is given from one page to another page/website. It is also called an entity passed. Search Engine will analyze the worth and reputation of the linked page or site to determine the ranking to the particular keyword.

There are different methods are available to calculate the Link Juice of your site. This is based on Domain Authority, Citation Flow and Trust Flow etc. And there are plenty of SEO tools are available on the internet to calculate.

Link Building For SEO

No Follow Link

No Follow links concept is first introduced by Matt Cutts and Jason Shellen in the year of 2005. It is an HTML attribute value, which is used to instruct the SE bots that hyperlink should not influence the ranking while search engine crawl. In other words, Crawlers do not count or consider no follow links. So these links will not affect your ranking and boost your page in the search engine. It having a notice text for search engines that don’t count/consider this particular link in this web page. And there is no link juice passed.

These links are intended to reduce the effectiveness of particular types of Search engine spam, to improve the quality and preventing from spam indexing no follow links plays a major role.

Note: Recently Google updated the algorithm that it still count these links as an outgoing link in distribution terms of page rank. Again this is depending on where you are placing these no follow links. When No Follow links are placed at the top, it carries some impact. But when it is placed at bottom occurs a tiny or no impact.

The No Follow link is consists of the nofollow HTML tag.

No Follow Link Structure:

<a href=”https://www.infozub.com/” rel=”nofollow”>best digital marketing agency</a>

This means the relationship of that link is no follow, SE will not see this types of links. No Follow links are visible to humans, they can see and click and visit the targeted page, but the crawlers didn’t consider this as a link. You can make any link to your web page as a no-follow link. Giving No Follow links doesn’t affect any page authority or any ranking.

A large number of no follow links may have a chance to boost your page a little. But still, no follow links providing a valuable referral traffic.

Website Link Building

Website Link Building Strategies

You can link your keyword content in two ways. They are Internal Linking and External Linking.

Internal Linking:

Internal Links are going from one page to another page in a website or to any image, video, or document resources into the same website. In simple words, it is a process of giving links inside the same website. This is used for content navigation purpose.

These internal links connect your content in your website and give the information about the structure and main aim for your website to Search Engine Crawlers. It will build a flow chart for every website, as a result, it will map the important valuable pages or posts on your website. You should give internal linking at the right way to strengthen your page. Sometimes Google can skip or consider less on a tiny keyword. Google always loves long tail keywords with relevant links. While posting a blog post don’t forget to link the taxonomies like categories, tags. Or else you can keep them in a sidebar because it will help users to navigate and search engines to understand structure.

External Linking

When you give a link from one page in your website to another website, then it is called an external linking. In other words, giving links to another website. You can also link through the anchor text of full URL. It is not necessary to give a link with same anchor text, it may result to trigger the spam detectors and marked as a spam so before giving the backlink think twice. It is believed that external links boost your ranking more than internal linking. Also, check the website PR and quality before giving the links.


Types of Link Building:

  1. Traffic Generation Links

It exposes your website on higher traffic web pages in order to give traffic from the site you are linked on will get you a referral way of website visits. Traffic Generation links can be in the form of blog comments, social mentions, text links, popular directories or listing website like Justdial, banner ads, forum posts etc.

  1. Search Engine Page Ranking Elevating Links

It is a process of getting the do follow links from high PR website to increase the page rank. Automatically it will boost your ranking in search engines when linked your keyword to high PR and relevant website.

  1. Reputation Link Building

It is a process of linking your company name or focused term as an anchor. You can also link your social profiles and blog links to bring the positive result whenever the user searches your brand or company name in a web from the SE.

  1. Sharing

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc also plays a major role to boost the ranking. So Share your incoming links, pages, and blogs on your website to make them strengthened.

Strong Link Building

How to Get Quality Backlinks?

  • Through guest blog posts
  • Do Follow Blog Commenting
  • Forum Links
  • Social sharing on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest etc.
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Yahoo and Quora answers & questions
  • Internal Linking
  • Exchanging of links
  • High PR Directory Submissions
  • Press releases
  • RSS feeds and directories
  • Sharing Infographics
  • PPT and PDF in document sharing sites
  • Testimonials in other sites
  • Get a strong backlink from high-quality content in article submission sites
  • Submit to .edu and .gov sites
  • Listing sites
  • Google Groups and Yahoo Groups
  • Create a Wikipedia page and link to your website
  • Donate for some event and get the link from that site
  • Create blogs and link from a unique and quality article
  • Ebook Membership
  • Create online tutorial and link
  • Submit to local and related directory sites