ALT tag is colloquially word of Alternative Text or Alt Attribute or ALT description. It is used in describing the images on the website. Alt tag will be displayed in the webpage if the image is not loaded. Alt text is the only image to tell the crawler about the images. Crawler can read the contents in the webpage and know what the webpage is about. But Unfortunately, crawlers can’t read the images, the only way crawlers can know about the image is ALT text.

SEO Benefits in Alt Tag

Alt text provides the better image content and description to the search engine crawlers, helping them to index the images too. It is always better to give descriptive alt text for the images, but don’t do keyword stuffing. Neither empty alt text nor keyword stuffing alt text is recommended. Alt text is something which is more descriptive of explaining what the image is. The primary purpose of alt text is to describe the images to the website visitors who are unable to see the image and tell the search engine crawlers about the image. Using alt text with optimized website images will give the user better experiences and it also has SEO benefits too.

Adding image title and alt text will help you in contributing to the image SEO. Though search engine has evolved over years, search engine crawlers will see the images as we see it, it can’t do interpretation on what the image is. If they don’t understand or wrongly understood our images will start ranking for wrong or unintended keywords where we miss out the seo ranking factors.


Write – Right Alt Text for SEO:

SEO Benefits in Alt Tag

1. Describe the images:

Image without Alt text is just an design purpose and has no impact in search engine optimization. Images are not just only for design purpose, it should have some value. Alt text is one of the easy way of provide text explanation of the images.


2. Short and Simple:

125 characters is the recommended alt text size as most of the image readers limit the alt text characters to 125 characters. Keep the descriptive image alt text which is less than or equal to 125 characters.


3. Use the keywords:

Alt text is another approach to include the targeted or intended keyword in the webpage. And search engine crawlers will know that your website page is highly relevant to the particular search query which is your keyword. It is advisable to use minimum of one image with the keywords in the webpage to help you in On-Page SEO activities.


4. Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

Focus on writing the descriptive alt text to the images, have just target keywords. Keyword stuffing has equal negative impact as of giving positive impact if we give an descriptive better alt text. So as possible avoid poorly written or stuffing keyword in the alt text.


5. Long Desc:

If you need images that require longer alt text use longdesc=”” and explore your lengthier alt text here not in alt=”” for sure.

Giving the right and descriptive images will help you in Image SEO and there is a possibility of getting visitors from the image to your webpage where you have used the image. Keyword is important in Image SEO too, try to use keyword in giving the descriptive alt text so your images will start ranking for the right keyword in Image SEO.