Now website has become as a necessity for every business irrespective of small or big. You are probably losing many customers if you are doing business without the website. Around 65% of people search for the product in online before visiting the store. A website will help you in growing your business in many aspects like, website has wider reach, wider reach means you can have traffic to your website, visitor increases there is a greater probability to convert them as a customer.


SEO Performance Checker Tool


Even if people have heard about your company they would do online research first before visiting your company. Many people will go through the reviews what customer says about the product, testimonials to get the first impression of your company. By building a website you are giving trust to your customers and website will have 24-hour accessibility every day of the year, website would be the convenient way of informing the potential customers about the new product, services or offer. And more importantly website will have all the contact information of the business-like phone number, email id, working days and working hours this online presence would allow you to do the business even more better than usual. There many online and SEO strategies which will help you in advertising and marketing your business.

Getting Business online important but research says searchers usually rely on the top three results on the first page of search engine result page and in rare case it may be to the first five to seven links in first page of SERP. If searchers didn’t get what they are looking for in the first few links they will not even check the other pages of SERP, they will just alter the search term. So, making website. SEO and mobile friendly will improve your chances of reaching the potential customers in online.

Evaluating website will let you know the place where optimization has to be done to make your website appear in the search engine result page. One of the easiest way would be getting the SEO performance of your website with SEO Score Checker.

This will give you the changes which has to be done, overview on the efficiency of the website like title tag, SEO related issues in the website and responsiveness of website. This will give you a chance to improve your SEO performance and help in developing an SEO friendly website.

SEO Performance Checker Tool

Fixing the crawler issues will better your SEO performance. Ensure your sitemap is submitted to the search engine so that crawler robot a crawl your website and analyze the pages on the website and index them. While submitting

  • Remove the login page and other pages from pages that you want Google to crawl.
  • Ensure the crawl and indexing blocked pages were listed in robots.txt file
  • Scan your website with screaming frog, to perform SEO auditing for your website.
  • Give better user experience, if your designing and UX is bad SEO ranking will drop down.
  • Check your DNS setting and fix the errors in it with Google Search Console and Pingdom tool.

Hope this gives some valuable information in auditing your website to improve your website SEO performance.