Which is Better SEO or PPC?

When it comes to boosting traffic to your website, you are left out with only two basic options either Pay Per Click advertising or Search Engine Optimization. You will pay for traffic using PPC advertising by Google Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing and many. This enables you to display ads for your keywords and whenever you get the click on your ad you have to pay. Alternatively, you can also be built free traffic to your website by achieving a high ranking in search engine result page, but this will be generally displayed below the sponsor ads. To achieve free traffic, you will need to follow SEO practices to get your website on the first page.
To put on simple words, the major difference between SEO and PPC is, Traffic from SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) is free and traffic through PPC (Pay Per Click) is not free, as the name goes.
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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization involves the process of customizing your website to rank at the top of the search engine result page. Here the target is to get the first position in search engine for your targeted keywords. This optimization works can be taken directly (which is called On-Page Search Engine Optimization) on the website or off the website (Off-Page Optimization Techniques).

What is PPC?

Pay per click get your website on the first page of SERP through ads and in this, you will be paid to Google whenever a user clicks on your ad and lands on your webpage.

The effectiveness of SEO and PPC:



SEO is completely free but it takes the lot of effort and months of hard work to get the first page of the search engine and to generate free traffic to the website. Getting the first page of the Search Engine Result Page is not enough at least you should be in the top five positions to really get good traffic through SEO. When it comes to ranking the competition of keyword comes into play, higher the competition of targeted keywords, more the effort to rank better in First Page of Search Engine Result Page. And there is no shortcut to rank in the top position of SERP, if you are not familiar with how a search engine works, then it makes the job much difficult too.
On the other hand, by just creating ads in Google Ads you can create ads for your targeted keywords and your ad will be displayed for the related search queries. One good news here is you only pay for the clicks your ad gets and not on the view like Facebook. In addition to this, you can determine your daily budget and pay nothing more than your budget.
SEO: You don’t want to pay to get to the first page of the Search Engine Result Page, but it takes a lot of time and works to get the first page.
PPC: You pay to Google this is not free. Whenever your ad is clicked you will pay to Google. This is fastest and gives the immediate result.


SEO (Organic Traffic) gets more traffic to your website, but this is possible only if you can manage to get the position on the first page of the search engine for related queries. And this is because if you rank in any one of top five positions, you are expected to have the continuous flow of traffic to your website without paying anything to search engine.
So, in terms of traffic, if we compare SEO and PPC, SEO is better when you rank in the top position. On the other hand, it is very difficult to get the first-page position for keywords. If this is so, then paying for the keyword may be only one option left out as second or third-page positions will probably bring little or no traffic to your website.
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If your ads are highly targeted and optimized, visitor through Pay Per Click is more likely to convert than a visitor through organic traffic.
This is because web page position is not consistent for all keywords in fact even for a single keywords web page position varies during a time. Just because of this reason if you are running a successful PPC campaign, you will only get clicks from targeted people who are 90% interest in your product or service.
SEO in terms of conversion better than another form of traffic like Social Media but when compared with PPC, SEO is not that good as PPC conversions.
PPC will give better results as highly optimized and targeted campaigns will generate more conversions.


Neither SEO or PPC is easy if you don’t have the necessary knowledge and experiences. SEO takes month and lot of efforts sometimes even a year to rank. While campaign set up you have to be careful else you may result in spending a lot of money in PPC. If you don’t have any knowledge or prior experience then hiring an SEO Expert or PPC Expert will do the job in the way what you expect.


It is not possible to answer this question without studying your business in the market. If your’ s is the local business with little or no competition then you can get good visibility in organic results (SEO). If your business is high competition business, then you have to struggle to rank organically.
If you need immediate result then PPC will work your way and you have spent some amount. This will look good for Short Term Goals. On the other hand, if you are looking for a long game, SEO is most suitable to you as you will get good website authority.
To decide on which you need current, you have to focus on your current need and budget. If you want more traffic fast and willing to pay to get traffic then you might go for Pay Per Click. On the other hand, if you are ready to invest some time and get a high ranking in search results go through all the Search Engine Optimizations works immediately.


In would be ideal if you combine SEO and PPC. They both have their own pros and cons and work best in supporting each other. When you can get SEO and PPC working together, you will drive not just leads but quality leads in greater proposition than running SEO and PPC separately.



  • Study data from PPS like Keyword and Conversions can be fed into organic search.
  • Total Traffic volume can be increased by detailed targeting.
  • High-Cost Keywords or low converting keywords can be moved from PPC to Organic Results as organic results as yield result in long run.
  • Remarketing allows you to stay with your web visitors after initial touch via Organic Search.
  • Increase awareness by having both organic and paid visibility.

Thousands of business, integrated Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) for optimal approach on search strategy and result. This integration will give high-growth, aggressive marketing and develop a holistic strategy on search engine rather than running SEO or PPC isolated.
Digital Marketing Strategies for Start-Up
Developing Digital Marketing campaign that combines SEO and PPC is the best way to maximize traffic and increase the conversion rate. Whatever the effort is on, SEO or PPC the goal is to get traffic to your website. Optimizing your landing page to drive traffic and conversions is the fundamental of digital marketing campaigns (PPC) on counterpart SEO works on the same part too. Objective and demand for SEO and PPC are to reduce the bounce rate and increase the click-through rates. PPC strategies can be used to appear in front of mist qualifies results, but by doing both or combing SEO and PPC for your website will be able to improve user experiences, maximize the targeted traffic and reduce the waste spent and it is the best way to support each other.
Running paid ad campaigns provides the precise message and locate you on Top of Google Search Engine Result page and increases overall CTR and lead to a higher return on your investment. But you can’t run ads all the time, while the ads are running you should focus on Search Engine Optimization so the time for SEO to yield result will be managed by running ads. By this way, PPC can be used as a bridge to build the short-term gap. It will ensure your brand shows up in the relevant search. Once your website is ranked on top of search engine result page you will start receiving traffic on both PPC and SEO.

Final Thoughts,

At the end of the day, you need to both SEO and PPC is to attract peoples, convert them by using web pages and delight new visitor into a client. This level of mindset helps to directly choose between SEO or PPC. There is no one solution for all marketing challenges and will work basically depends on your business goal. If you take SEO, it is free but time-consuming counterpart is PPC. Choose PPC if you are ready to spent good budget and less time.