For more bloggers and business owners getting clicks is the challenging. One of the effective way of bringing the clicks or traffic is through Search Engine Optimization. But if you think whether it is possible to rank a website for high traffic keywords in a short span of time, it is no. It will take long time and need some powerful links to rank your website for potential keywords.

Most of the people need more traffic to their sites than the ranking because they need traffic to get more money through Ads. It is started as a business method by most of the people. So their target is to bring more traffic to the site through some other ways.

SERP Clicks

How to Get Clicks?

Search for various topics and questions related to your domain or your posts. If some public answering site like Quora or if there is any opportunity to place links in the top ranking sites or the webpages then it helps you a lot in bringing more clicks without ranking your webpage.

Getting more clicks is the positive growth and creating some quality links to your site with proper anchor text will helps to increase your ranking in SERP as well. It’s like two way task, as for now it helps to get more clicks and in future it helps to build strong backlinks for your webpage.


How Social Media Supports?

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Nowadays there are some people who won’t even search for something but there will not anyone without using the social media. So it is one of the effective in targeting the people over social media also. But here you need to get organic traffic to your site and which is not an easy task. Posting in some groups with more members will bring you some clicks.


How a Post should be?

Normally you must write a post targeting the future trend will help you to succeed with low competition. If Google is going to launch some new featured, then you need write about it and want to share it in groups as well. Most important thing is that you need to do some basic Optimization for better ranking. This method will helps you to make your blog viral and also it helps in generating more clicks.