It greatly depends on what the search query is (What you are searching for). If you are searching for a product which you can buy, then search engine will show shop results with the images on the top in the Search Engine Result Page.

SERP Layout Shop

If you want your site to get there then you have to pay to Google (as it is sponsored). Though this result page starts with the paid after that it starts with the organic results.

Knowledge Graph:

If you are searching for an information then you will find different Search Engine Result Page. These information query will not show paid or sponsored results in SERP. And “Knowledge Graph” which is on the right side of SERP will give you lot of information about your query.

Knowledge Graph - SERP layout

Types of Result Page:

Search Result is the default result page of Google but you can also see different types of results on the top of the page like “Images”, “Map”, “Video” and many. Depending on type of your query Google will decide which result page fits to your query the most and SERP will turn out according to it. You can browse to the different results and apply filters on the search results.

Types of Result - SERP Layout

Ads and Organic Result:

Google will display both organic results and paid results in the search engine result page. Most of the search engine users where not aware of the paid results in SERP. Usually ads will appear either in top of SERP. To maximum, Google will display 4 paid ads in the top which is followed by the organic result (10 results will be shown). In some cases, you may also see the ads in the bottom of organic result pages. Google will display 2 ads to the maximum in the bottom. If it is paid result you can see the word “Ad” in the link before the link address. As the name says to get your website out there in the paid results you need to pay to Google, for more check out “Google Adwords”.

Ads and Organic Search Reult

Organic results which shown in the SERP is the one which fits the most to the search query. It is an non-paid result. To improve ranking in the organic search, you are left out with only one option which is Search Engine Optimization.


A normal snippet consists of Title of the Page, URL/breadcrumbs and Meta description. Google will display the search results in the form of snippet. Search Engine Result Page will have of number of snippet where each page of SERP will contain 10 snippets (Organic Results).


To differentiate the Title, URL/Breadcrumbs and meta description Google uses the color code for each. Title will be displayed in Blue, URL and Breadcrumbs in Green and Meta description of the page in black.

Rich Snippet:

Rich snippet contains addition information than the normal snippet. Rich snippet will contain rating on the particular results which would be the review of the person, a product, business and more. Some Rich Snippets will also have images in it. In the below rich snippet which is the result of query about cooking, it has image, rating, review, time taken to cook and calories along with the normal snippet details which is title, URL and Meta description.

Rich Snippet

Featured Snippet and Answer Boxes:

If you get answer for your query in the Search Engine Result Page then it is featured snippet. It will be displayed on top of SERP above the paid results and organic results.

Answer Boxes, Google will give fetch answer for certain queries like weather report, currency conversions etc., and display the result on top of SERP.

Answer Boxes

As featured snippet and answer boxes where displayed on the top, many people will gets confused between featured snippet and answer boxes usually. If you get answer along with the link to the page then it is featured snippet, answer boxes will not have link, you will just get answer to your query.

Featured Snippet

PAA (People Also Ask):

It is an accordion box appear below the featured snippet (below ads if there is any ad for your search query and sometimes in between organic results too) which has series of question related to your search query.

People Also Ask - SERP Layout

The above is also an answer box type, where you can get the most searched query which is similar to your search query.


LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI is a keyword which is more or less similar to the search query (What you have searched for). This will be displayed at the end of SERP, above the list of page options in SERP. Generally, what we see as the result for the query is just first page of SERP, in the below you can see the other pages which you can browse too.

New LSI update/ latest update of Google,

LSI Keyword Update - SERP Layout

Layout of SERP greatly depends on your search query. Optimize your page to make them appear in SERP in either of layout like organic results, featured snippet, PAA.

Hope this article gives you an overview of Search Engine Result Page.