Setting up a Custom domain (TLD) on a Tumblr account is very easy and it takes maximum of 5 minutes to complete the setup. If you have registered the domain on any registrar like GoDaddy, Namecheap, BigRock or any registrar, all you need to do is to change the CNAME Records to finish this custom domain on Tumblr. In this tutorial, I have also embedded a tutorial video about custom domain setup for Tumblr. I will explain each and every step that you need to follow for hosting your website in Tumblr.

Learn How to Setup Custom domain on Tumblr

Setup custom domain on Tumblr


When we create a blog in Tumblr, we get something like:

If you would like to change it to something like below by hosting the domain on Tumblr, this is called as “Custom domain on Tumblr“:

Instructions to Setup (or) Host a custom domain (TLD) on Tumblr

Below is the step by step instruction to complete the Custom domain on Tumblr setup. Tumblr features good website design and it is having good search engine optimization features. The Video tutorial is embedded:


Setp 1 : Create a Tumblr Account

This is your First step. You have to create a Tumblr account with a working email ID. You can create a Gmail (or) Yahoo Email ID.

  • Create a Tumblr Account:
  • Verify the email ID by Clicking on the Link that you will receive.
  • Once the email ID is Verified, You can now use the Tumblr Account fully.


Step 2 : Creating a Tumblr Blog

Once you have created the Tumblr Account, you have to create a Tumblr Blog. You can do this by following the below steps:

Custom Domain on Tumblr - Step2 - INFOZUB


  • Go to your Tumblr Account
  • Click on the “Profile” icon on the Top Right cornor
  • Click on the “+New” option to create your New Tumblr Blog


Custom Domain on Tumblr - Create Blog - INFOZUB


  1. Enter the Blog Name
  2. Enter the Blog URL (This depends on Availability
  3. Fill the “reCAPTCHA”
  4. Click on “Create Blog


Step 3 : Changing the DNS Records

Once you have created the Blog, you should now Setup the custom domain. This can be done by changing the CNAME Records in the Name regsitrar DNS Settings.

  • Login to your Domain Registrar
  • Change (or) Add the CNAME Record

www (should point to)

  • You must also make sure that @ redirects to the “www” version of the domain.


Step 4 : Changing the Tumblr Settings

Once the DNS changes are made, we have to go to the Custom Domain section of the Tumblr Blog to finish the setup:

  • In the Blog Admin Dashboard, click on “Edit Appearance


Custom Domain on Tumblr - Edit Appearance - INFOZUB


  • In the window that appears, click on “Edit” icon for the “Username” section.


Last Step - Changing the DNS - INFOZUB


  • Slide and Turn on the “Use a custom domain” option
  • Enter the Domain Name in the Text box.
  • Now, Click on “Test domain”
  • Once the test says “All Good”, Click on “Save” option to finish the setup.


Wait for few minutes and check the website, it should be up and running on Tumblr. It normally takes lessthan 5 minutes. If it takes longer (or) if you find any issues, feel free to contact us.