Improve your Local Business with Google My Business. Now a day’s local consumers are increasingly looking for the online stores, product, to get an idea of the product before they step into the store. 90% of people use search engine to find local information like business hour, address, phone number, mail id etc., you can provide an easy way of accessing you with the complete business information in Google My Business.Get a local business listing with the Google My Business this would be important and first step in any local SEO strategies. Getting on Google My Business will increase the chance of showing up in local search queries in map and in search engine result page. 

google account

First in stepping Google My Business listing is setting up your profile for this you have to enter name, address, phone number, location details. Google Maps will generate map marker within given location details and provide information for things like driving direction etc., If you have multiple locations then location which is nearest too the searcher will be listed in Google My Business listing. 


Google My Business Post: 

Google Posts are similar to ads. These posts will show up in Google My Business listing in knowledge panel of search engine search page and on the Google Maps. 

Benefits of Google My Business Post: 

Get visitors to your website. In GMB Post you can add call to action, even link to website pages. Link in GMB post will get more visitors to the website. 

  • Publish your Event like sales, offers along with date and time. 
  • Add a link to your latest blog. 
  • In picture session, add new products which you have released recently like gadgets, shoes, new dish in restaurant etc., 
  • Get More Customers with the holiday posts. 

Remember post will be live any for seven days. Try to use the image size which looks perfect on Google Maps too. 


Interesting Features of Google My Business:  

Booking Button: 

Google My Business has booking button which is really helpful for your business especially for e-commerce kind of business. Example: If you have a product offer with starts and ends at particular timing you can add booking button feature and get more customers at that particular time. By this way you can stand out from your competitors and get a customer directly from the Google My Business listing. This could also bring new customers too. 

reviews google

Question and Answering: 

Question and Answer feature will allow people to ask question about your business and you can answer those question. Remember your answer could be edited by anyone by using the feature called “suggest an edit”. Anyone can also be your competitor, so if someone abuses your Google My Business listing, you can get help from Google My Business Desk. 



Your customers can post a review on Google My Business Listing. Those reviews will appear in your listing too. New customers read online reviews and consider it as personal recommendation. Positive reviews will increase the trust on your business. Try to respond to the review as it also has its impact. 

 Hope, this would have given some reason to start your Google My Business account. Provide all the local information of your business in Google My Business listing and improve your business with digital users too.