It’s important for a business to have a mobile-friendly website as well.You can’t simply create a website and call the mobile-friendly website too. You really need to adjust the website design to the mobile search too. For this, you need to have a clear understanding of how people are using their device to find the things what they are really looking for. And Google has also taken steps to test the mobile-first index, which will primarily look into the website mobile version for its ranking.

Shift from Desktop to Mobile

What is Mobile-first Index?

Since Google mobile search is increased Google will index your website based on your mobile implementation. If your mobile responsiveness of the website is not as good as desktop responsiveness it is the right time to customize your website to the mobile users too. More Google searchers use smartphones than other devices. Hence, Google is swapping out it’s indexing from desktop to mobile-first indexing. Fact is Google has been testing the website on its mobile-first indexing with the number of searchers and fine-tuning it and getting it perfect ready at the correct time. This launch is expected to come in 2018. Google has originally planned to launch “Mobile First Indexing” at the end of 2017 but now they have pushed it back. It is expected to be released in the year starting in 2018. So, it is time, if you don’t have mobile-friendly site pull your shocks up get it done as soon as possible and rectify all the performance issues like responsive web design, dynamic serving, separate URL’s that would redirect to the appropriate pages based on the device of search like Mobile,Tablets, Multimedia phones and Feature Phones.

Shift from Desktop to MobileGain mobile friendliness by following simple criteria’s by avoiding the software which are not common on mobile devices like Flash and use the text are readable without zooming, make sure site is fit the device, navigation links should be easily tapped and so on. If your mobile view of the website has same content and navigation as that of your desktop sites and if you have optimized the site according to tot the Google’s specifications for the mobile site then you have done and your website should not experience performance issues. And the main thing to note here is “Site Loading Speed” make sure your site load in few seconds to enhance the user experience. Because if the site loads for too long, nobody waits till the site is getting loaded though you have the content what they need they will just close your website and look for what they need in other websites.In other words, you may lose the new customers. It is very important to optimize the website for mobile marketing. Importantly, optimize the directory listing as well on Yellow Pages, Facebook and other similar platforms. Instagram and other similar platforms would be the great way to engage the mobile users.  If you have no mobile site, the desktop site will rank as just as it does today in mobile search results. If the mobile site exists, the mobile site will be considered primarily.