Here we go through some of the SEO techniques that you always need to implement right to increase the visibility and visitors to the website. Getting more visitors to the website has many advantages like brand creating and more visitors means more chances to convert them into the customers. Auditing your website will help in discovering why you are not getting enough visibility and traffic and you can also get to know the place where you need to do the optimization.


What is SEO Audit?

Examining the overall site performance, setting the new goals for the business, implementing new strategies to reach the goals is SEO Auditing. There are many tools available on the internet to get the site performance like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google Tag Manager etc.,

The basic SEO strategy, is the foundation to improve your site performance. It is very easy to overlook the basic SEO strategies what you have implemented while creating your website pages, and it can be easily fixed with an audit.

First one on site auditing is does all your website pages have title and description. All the pages in your website should have unique website title and description. Title characters should not exceed 70 words and page summary meta description should not exceed beyond 160 characters. maintain it between 150 – 160 characters and have keywords in both title and description.


Optimize your website for the SEO keyword:

Google keyword tool will help you in finalizing the keywords for which you are about to optimize the website page. Remember to optimize without keyword stuffing. Keywords should be in two to three percent to the total words in the website page.


Learn what people want:

Start focusing on what your targeted customers want. Getting into social media will really help you in finding what people want. Simple one is stepping into Quora, review the questions what people are looking for. If you know the answer for any one the question, posted the answer in the blog. Another tool for finding what people are looking for is UberSuggest.

site audit

It will display the list of long tail keyword which are will give ideas to create a blog post.

site audit

Buzzsumo is another great tool to find the content which are popular in your website. Just enter your website url in Buzzsumo and click Go. It will give the list of most popular content in your website. Knowing your customers interest will tell the contents what people find it useful.

site audit


Create an optimized landing page:

Find a long-tail keyword and use it in the landing page. Long-tail keywords are more specific more than 3 phrase keyword what search engine users are more likely to use when they are about to make a purchase or to find the service and when they are using the voice search. Use the keywords naturally in your content to avoid getting penalty for keyword stuffing.


Get Traffic through infographics:

Since 60% of the people are visual learners, infographic will help in improving the website visitors. Infographics works a lot than a text. Infographics can be in lot of engaging ways like flow chart, comparisons, Maps, Photo, Data Visualization. 80% of the information transmitted to the brain in visuals so start focusing in the infographics.

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