The field of digital marketing is getting viral and many companies started focusing on the campaign strategies to engage user with the best contents. New technological inventions have been making many changes in the social media marketing trends. Brands are trying different techniques than ever to connect with audience in all the possible social platforms. Whether you love or hate social media, it is largest communication medium to connect with the audience.  


Video Content: 

Video is getting its trend in the mobile culture. In 2017, 85% of all content shared where in the video format. Capturing audience attention in the first three second of the video is the biggest challenge here. Very soon all most all the contents will be visualized as videos. And many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat introduced go live connecting with the real-time audience in a face – to – face interaction.  

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Therefore, ensure all the video content you make are in high quality and engaging the user in the most effective way. In fact, video contents are bringing immediate results in SEO. Presence of video is itself creating the important ranking factors. If a page has video embedded in it, it will send a strong signal to the search engine that the page has rich media content. So, engaging the user with your video will be boosting your influencing power in the social media. 


Chat Box: 

A study says, 90% of the customer consider live chats which are helpful and found 63% of the user return back to the website which provides the live chat. Chat system provides customer an immediate access to help.  The trend among the market influencers is, live chat on the website or blog. To make the chat much more effective, train you chat team your live chat representative should be extremely knowledgeable about your service and website pages and their navigation. And usual working hour of 9 to 5 will not work in the live chat box. You should also be able to provide off hour chat service to engage the customer by outsourcing the help service what they are looking for. 

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Mobile Matters a lot: 

Smartphone and social media is the perfect combination to make new customers to your website. The number of smart phone users have increased a lot in the past few years. As of 2017, 4.77 billion people uses smartphone in the world and there are many mobile apps like Instagram, Snapchat where many users spent their time on.  

So, mobile is getting key priority for any business than ever to reach the customers. Google has also conformed this in many ways with Mobile-First Indexing and Accelerated Mobile Pages. Many social networks launched call to action buttons on their mobile app which could be directed to your website landing pages. Implementing Accelerated mobile pages on the landing page will reduce the bounce rate to the great extend and possibility of conversions is also high. So, implement your strategies to attract the mobile or smartphone users.