Software Marketing Layout:

In this Internet World, without a website, making sales is impossible. Every business became online to help their users to make a purchase secure by just visiting the website and place the order and getting their delivery at home. So, Website plays a major role in every business.


Creating an attractive website design is a cache. DIVI gives us more feature to design a website with attractive sections, creatively add text and much more. Doing online marketing is not an easy thing. Each and everything has to be pre-planned to make your customers happy. Here, we have an awesome software marketing pack for online software market business. Selling your software online to likely customers is more important. Users, when land on the Website, they must be attracted by the website design and the website must take them to conversion.

DIVI’s software layout pack consist of 9 different layouts. The nine different layout pack is carried by professional design and elaborate pages that provides everything you want on your website and makes your visitor communication easy.

Software Marketing Layout Pack


How to Download:

1: This layout pack is available in DIVI builder that you can import any one of them to use it.

2: This new layout can be loaded from your DIVI library. To load the new pack, create a new page using the visual builder, and you will find a plus symbol click on the symbol to load the pack.

3: Under Premade Layouts tab, these newly launched layouts are found. This can be accessed by scrolling down the list.

4: Scroll and find the software layout pack and click on use this layout button. Now you can use the Layout to build more.