Why do you need to speed up your site?

Search Engine Users expect the webpage to get loaded as soon as they click the URL. If your website needs longer time to load, it results in high bounce rate. As you know, bounce rate should be low to index better in search engine result page. On the other hand, if your website loads pretty good, you are engaging the user, getting traffic to your website, and bounce will also be low, which would be base for online business or marketing. A search says that 47% of the user expect the page to get loaded in less than 2 seconds. Even a delay of one second will result in losing 16% of your website visitors and 7% dip in product/service purchase and conversions.


Reduce HTTP Request:

A webpage may contain various elements like table, images, scripts, content and more. More the number of element you have on your page, then HTTP request will also be more which result in longer page loading time. You can use HTTP request checker tools to find out how many requests your page makes to load completely.

How to Speedup your WordPress Site


Gzip Compression:

Gzip compression enables the web server to compress website elements. It is effective too as it could able to reduce your page size by 30 to 40% to your initial page size.


Cache Plugin:

The cache plugin is worth to install as it creates static copies of your webpage, this static version of the webpage will be useful in showing the content immediately to the users.

How to Speedup your WordPress Sites


Cutdown comments:

Your most popular posts can also be the slowest to load as it has many comments on the page. Don’t block comments as it has the good impact, instead manage them change setting for how many comments to appear on the page beneath your article.