We have already covered basic AdWords understanding and how to plan for a effective search AdWords campaign. Now, we are going to create a Search Ads Campaign. This article shows you step by step campaign creation with explanation.

The Contents Covered

1. Types of Search Ads
2. Campaign Creation

Types of Search Ads

Google search ads has been divided into three types:
• Basic Text Ads
• Dynamic Search Ads
• Call Only Ads

Campaign Creation For Each Types of Ads


• Basic Text Ads

We have already covered about what are basic text ads. Text Ads appear on the Top or Bottom of the Search Engine Result page with a Label “AD”. Your Ads will appear on SERP based on all the added business details. Now let us dig into campaign creation


Log into your AdWords Account. Your Adwords account will appear as shown below for new users.
Adwords Dashboard

Step 2:

Click on “+” Sign to create a new campaign or click “+New Campaign” to create your first AD.
Creating New Campaign

Step 3:

Once you click on the “+” Sign, the screen appears with 5 Campaign type Option

  • Search Campaign
  • Display Campaign
  • Shopping Campaign
  • Video Campaign
  • Universal Campaign

Here, you can select a campaign based on your business goal. Now we are going to select search campaign.
Search Campaign

Step 4:

Clicking search campaign shows 3 Campaign Goal to Choose

  • Sales – To Drive sales/conversions online in app, phone, desktop or in store and engage with contacted customers sales can been chosen as business goal.
  • Leads – To service any products or provide course by signing up and trying to provide service contact information to the relevant customers Leads can be chosen as Campaign goal.
  • Website Traffic – To drive more potential customers to the Website, Website traffic can be a campaign goal.
  • If you don’t want to choose any campaign goal, then click “create a campaign without a goal

Campaign Without a Goal

Step 5:

When you click on sales, your screen will appear with 3 ways to reach your goal

  • Reach Through Website Visit
  • Reach Through Phone Calls
  • Reach Through App Downloads

Choosing Leads as campaign goal also shows the same 3 options to reach your goal.
When you choose website traffic as Campaign Goal, then You should add your Business Website URL(shown in the image)
Placing URL
Once you have chosen your campaign goal, click Continue

Step 6:

Once you click Continue, you have been directed to Campaign Settings

  • Choose a Campaign Name (You can Choose based on your campaign plan)
  • If you want to show your text ads on Google Partner Website, then leave the networks settings as it is. If you don’t want to show your text ads on Display Network, Untick “Include Google Display Network” in the Network settings.

Campaign Settings

  • If you need to set a End date for your campaign, you have a start and end dates option, choose to set your end date

Start and End Date

  • Select a Location to reach your business targeted people. You can Target whole city, country or region. Or else you can choose advanced option for radius target.

Targetting and Audience
When you click on the Advanced setting, the screen appears as shown below. You can choose the radius target as per your business goal.
Advance Setting in Target and Audience

  • You can choose language that your customer speak. But default chosen language is English
  • If you need to choose audience for your campaign, you can choose using the audience settings found in the campaign creation.


  • An important part in campaign creation is setting a budget for your campaign. Based on your business competitiveness, set a budget and Bidding Strategy.


There are two types of Bidding Strategy:

1. Automated Bidding
2. Manual Bidding
Bidding Strategy
There are many types of automated bidding option. Based on your campaign goal choose the best campaign that best suites you.

  • Maximize Conversions
  • Maximize Clicks
  • Target Search page Location
  • Target Outrank Share
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Target CPA
  • Target ROAS

Bidding Option

  • You can Schedule ads based on your business timings that could be better options so that you don’t waste money for unwanted clicks.
  • Once you done with settings, click on save and Continue. You will be directed you Set Ad Group as shown below.

Setting up Adgroups

Step 7:


  • Create as much as Ad Groups you need. Give your AdGroup a Name
  • Enter your business keywords that you have planned or enter your keywords on the “Get Keywords idea” tab and find keywords related to your business and choose them.
  • If you need to create more Ad Groups, Click “New Ad Group” tab.

New Ad Group

Step 8:

Once you created your Ad Groups, Click on the Save and Continue. You will be directed to create your first ad as shown below.
Creating Ads

  • Click on “New Ad” and the below shown screen appears.
  • Give your “Final Destination URL”
  • Give Heading1,2 and 3 related to your business or keywords
  • Choose a Path URL
  • Give a Description that is easily understandable

Creating Ads Dashboard

  • Once done with your ads, click on done. It is recommended to create 3 ads per AdGroup
  • You can create another ad by clicking “New Ad” again.

After Creating Ads
Once done with all the setting, click on save and continue, you will be taken to Confirmation screen as shown below
Confirmation Screen
Finally you can review your campaign on this screen. Then click on continue to campaign.
This is how you create a Basic text ad

Dynamic Search Ads

Your dynamic search ads campaign is also same as the above campaign setting. You have to enable Dynamic search ads as shown in the below image. Once enabled, based on your website, Google automatically use headlines and customize to people who actually search for your business.
Dynamic Search Ads

Call Only Ads Creation

To create your call only ads, Choose campaign goal as sales or leads. While selecting your reach, select Phone calls as your goal reach.

  • Enter you Country and Business Phone Number then click Continue

Call only Ads Creation

  • For Campaign Creation and Ad Groups Creation follow the above steps
  • For Creating Ads, click on “New Ad”. Screen with appear as show below
  • Give Your Business name, Phone Number and Proper Description

Call Only Ad

  • You can set a conversion tracking to count all your calls

This is how a campaign to be set. This step by step AdWords Guide helps beginners to create a campaign from scratch. Nowadays creating a successful and effective AdWords campaign has become a tough one. This guide helps beginners to start a campaign.

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