Most of the people might have questioned in Quora and end up with no answers, then get back to good old days to know the answers from Google. Many have faced such instance when searching for an answer as like you get into this article. 


What is Quora Marketing and its marketing benefits? 

When you think of marketing and advertising, you must have gone through social media platforms for it. Since Quora has unique and genuine visitors of the count over 100 million users every month, it’s ad platform is less competitive when compared to other social media handles. 

 It will be a great opportunity for the business and digital enthusiast to explore Quora for driving traffic through ads by running a successful campaign to get potential leads for your industry and clients respectively. 

Even For SEO, Quora is a powerful platform to be utilized. You can answer the questions related to your industry, which may rank top in google, where you can redirect them to your website, where it can be a converting point. I have experienced while answering a particular question had generated lots of leads for us. 


Account, Setup, and Creating Campaigns: 

Quora has started its advertising platform back in 2016, where it is still in beta phase. The mandatory thing is to create an account in Quora, which must be professional and appealing because no can accept spam or an account with dummy(fake) details.  

Following instructions can help you, if you had never into Quora previously. Define your Ads with what kind of text to be added, how a call to action should look like and much more that makes a user to engage in the Ad. 

Steps for creating a campaign: 

step1 quora

Step 1: 

  • Set a meaningful campaign name 
  • Choose your objective between conversions(leads) and App Installs 
  • Set Up Quora Pixels – It is up to you to decide, whether you need or not. 
  • Budget and Schedule: 
  • Schedule the time in which your ad is going run or set it on a lifetime budget, where your campaign will until the defined amount exhaust. 

quora marketing

Step 2: 

  • Set a meaningful Ad Set Name 


Choose your target between Topics, Questions, Audience, and interest 

  • Topics Targeting – Choose the topics which suit your business ad. 
  • Questions Targeting – Choose the questions which are related to your business ad. 
  • Interest Targeting – Similar to topics, list down the interest which relates your business and end user. 
  • Audience Targeting  
  • Create an audience set, where you will be having to options like Website Traffic(Creating Audience based on your website traffic) and Lookalike (Creating Audience Based on your existing audience) 

quora ads

Locations and Device: 

  • Select the locations to be targeted and type of devices. 

Set a Bid: 

  • Set cost per click bid rate. 


NOTE: Spent amount and bids will be in dollars(keep an eye on it). 

quora ads marketing

Step 3: 

  • You can create a new ad or import from the existing, if you have one that fits. 
  • Choose a meaningful Ad Name 
  • Set your business name where by default it will show your name. 
  • Title your ad motive in headlines within 65 characters. 
  • Add main content to the body text which can be of 105 characters. 
  • Set a landing page(converting page) URL where the user wants to be redirected. 
  • Display URL is like an anchor text to the landing page URL. 
  • Choose from the list of call to action that suits your motive of the Ad Set. 
  • While filling the above, it will show the Ad Preview on the right side as a live preview. 

Make a wise decision on budgets to be spent, blindly spending doesn’t work. Go through learning phase from campaign to campaign and decide on the budget and audience to be targeted. 

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