Google Search Results were updated and enhanced, including the Rich Cards, Rich Results and Rich Snippets. If you are a marketer then I hope these terms were not new to you. This advancement in search results is by adding additional information in form of reviews (Stars), pictures and site links. In this article I have explained you the things to be learnt with the enhancement in search results.

Things You Must Know in 2018 about SEO


Structured Data – Rich Results

Structured Data is the additional code added with the page markup to provide the additional information about a web page or its content. Additional information along your web page contents will help the search engine to understand better and also helps in Rich results.

It’s not like all the Structured Data will lead to rich results, but it can help you to improve the possibilities of rich results. If some of the schema markup such as reviews and recipes were properly implemented then the possibility is more to get displayed as rich results in Search Engine Result Page.

rich results


Preferred Format for Structured Data

One of the Famous Search Engine – Google supports three formats of structured data and they are Microdata, JSON-LD and RDFa. JSON-LD is the most recommended format among them.

JSON-LD – “JavaScript Object Notation – Linked Data is a JavaScript format which helps to add additional information without affecting the content that users see. Showing some extra information will increase the relevancy of the webpage for better ranking.


Guarantee of Rich Results

Adding the Structured Markup as said above is the initial step to obtain rich results for your web page. But still the decision is made by search engine that whether to show or not. Even though after adding needed markups your webpage didn’t get rich results in search results then it may be due to one of the reason mention below.

Search Results will be displayed based on the best user experience. If the search engine finds in appropriate to add rich result for particular search then it’s not possible to show them in search results. Rich Results were not guaranteed even its implemented perfectly.

  • Structured Data may not represent the information about the main content. Check the structured data added to represent the additional information.
  • Implementation of Structured Data may get misconfigured. Check using the test tool to know the exact results.
  • The Structured Markup added to provide additional information may got hidden from the users.
  • Check whether the webpage satisfies the guidelines for structured data as mentioned in webmaster guidelines.

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