Digital Marketing is the form of Marketing the products or services that involves Electronic Devices. It is one of the best way to promote your business. Nowadays Digital marketing has become a very important concept in marketing techniques. Digital Marketing uses various techniques and connects the target audience with Various Digital Channels.
Digital Marketing Campaign

What is Marketing?

Marketing is not only the process of Advertising or promoting business, it also includes a complete planning strategy on increasing sales, branding activities and creation of awareness.

Marketing = Conveying Right Message + Right People + Right Medium


Marketing Campaign

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing done through online or mobile is termed as Digital Marketing.
Some important strategy to be considered in Digital Marketing are:

  • Digital Marketing is complex
  • Digital Marketing should be planned well and must have a smart execution
  • Should not apply all strategies at a time
  • Can’t Expect immediate results
  • Digital marketing is not for sale it is used to generate sales.

Digital Marketing as mentioned above if planned well then it could be implemented to target specific audience at lowest possible cost. It always concentrates on connecting your target audience, Potential Customers and your Existing customers. Digital marketing can also be used for delivering better customer services and customer delight. In general, the digital marketing can be implemented online or offline.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:

“Digital Marketing is considered as the future of Marketing and this is going to ruin the world for the next 15+ years”.
Some of the important techniques involved in online Digital Marketing are,


Search Engine Marketing:

Search engine marketing is also known as inbound marketing technique. Search engine marketing means you use search engine as your primary marketing channel. Search engine marketing contains SEO and search advertising.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is one of the most important part of Digital Marketing. SEO is about getting organic traffic on website from search engines. In digital marketing space, SEO is considered as one of the most effective channel for getting visibility, traffic on website without spending too much.

  • SEO is a long term Strategy
  • SEO provides better ROI when compared to other techniques
  • It is a complex strategy if planned well and executed well then damp sure results would be higher than expected.
  • It is considered as one of the major techniques in the online digital Marketing world.


Search Advertising:

Search Advertising is one more technique in digital marketing which is considered very important in the digital marketing and it is nothing but the paid advertisement.

  • Advertiser will pay per click
  • Display advertising is also considered as a part of search advertising
  • Google Adwords is one of the most popular platform for search advertising


Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is the one which uses social networking platforms and social media websites for Marketing. In the fast moving world, SMM is becoming more popular because of the increase in internet users and social media users. This is where the marketing is done with the help of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and so on…
Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Email Marketing & Automation:

Email marketing can also be termed as Bulk mail or mass mail which is being used in the marketing world. It is considered as the old marketing technique but it also changes very fast. After the growth of online business Email marketing is considered to be more important and growing strategy while comparing others. Email marketing has now become a marketing automation technique. In case of Email Marketing the communication takes place between the brands and buyer.
Marketing automation:

  • Email marketing can also be termed as Marketing automation
  • It is a effective medium of communication
  • It also provides better ROI while comparing other techniques.


Benefits of Digital Marketing:

When compared to with off-line marketing, digital marketing has many advantages. Here are some list of benefits that increases or promotes your business and makes a great profit out of it.
Here are few advantages of digital marketing

  • Digital marketing is easy to measure
    Digital Marketing is the place where it is data driven and it is easier to measure the impact of the campaign and can make changes effectively to induce better results,
  • Digital marketing is easy to implement
  • Digital marketing is inexpensive
  • Digital marketing is flexible
  • Digital Marketing has a wide reach.

Some of the smart ways to create campaign and succeed are as below,

Use Multi channel Marketing:

Some marketing channels will naturally perform better depending on the business and industry. But if we use multichannel, we can build brand awareness significantly more and increase the performance of marketing campaign.
Different Multichannel used are,

  • Blogging
  • Podcasts or webinars
  • Social media
  • Social events (Facebook or YouTube Live, Reddit AMAs)
  • Email newsletters
  • Advertising (on and offline, if relevant)

Always during the creation of campaign we should go for multichannel promoting such that the business reaches to a greatextent. Before starting a campaign one should plan clearly and invest in effective marketing channels, that make the business to reach a different level and remind the audience of the brand on various platforms.

Content should be diversed:

Diversifying the content is the best option for moving into multichannel. Different contents on various platforms works well and will have a great brand awareness.

  • Create infographics and share it on social media
  • Create videos in Facebook or upload video in YouTube
  • Posting images in social media with relevant product details with great reach.
  • Posting Blogs. Create reports, Case studies etc…
  • One should be clear that the content created for promoting is aligned with the marketing campaign goal.


Digital Marketing

Building your audience from scratch is a challenge. But if proper marketing technique is implemented then certainly it would be collaborating with other brands, and automatically attain happy customers, or influencers. Happy customers are ready to offer testimonials or online reviews. Or you can also find social media or blogging influencers to review your product to reach a new audience as well.
Brand collaboration can be said as combining with another industry player and host a webinar or generate a report to attract customers.

Create a Deadline:

The goals of the Marketing Campaign would be as follows,

  • Driving Sales
  • Finding new quality leads
  • Clearing out stock for a new shipment.

Whatever action is we target on our audience to take as the result of our marketing, needs to have a deadline. If running a sale, we should be clear that there is a end date& time of the advertising in the campaign mentioned.
If for example, running a social media giveaway to generate new leads. Keep reminding the audience What is the deadline and when to enter and win.
Creating a real deadline (even if it’s arbitrary) helps initiate urgency in your audience to act now. Even if they’re interested in what you have to offer, they might not act unless you tell them the offer won’t be around forever. Stick to your deadline even if you don’t want to. You can always down sell to the people who missed out later on or repeat your marketing campaign in the future.

Innovate Suspense:

In general, in order to capture the attention of the target audience to your business, one way is to build suspense.
A great example of effective suspense marketing is Pinterest’s original strategy. When the site first launched, it was actually invitation-only. You had to register and wait several weeks to get an invitation to BETA test the site. That’s pretty novel for a social networking site. People started talking about the secrecy online. When the site finally did open up to the public, sites and news outlets like Huffington Post, Gizmodo, BBC News, TechCrunch and CNET gave them tons of coverage. Discussing the product well before launch and using peeks in your marketing can create the pre-launch suspense you need to build extra buzz. One can create a countdown to your product launch and share it on social media to keep your audience thinking about your brand.
Innovate Suspense (Digital Marketing Campaign)

Implement custom Research and Data:

Custom research is a powerful tool to stand out from the competition in your industry. Generally, business persons conduct original research within the business and publish those statistics to help build thought leadership. These research work if given as case study then it is proved that there would be a great reach by the B2B content marketers and it has a impact of the campaign 70% of the time.
One of the main reasons original research is so powerful in marketing is that other industry leaders can use your data to back up points in their own content as well.
Getting data is easier than you may think. You can simply use your marketing analytics, or survey your audience to get insights.
The above mentioned are some powerful techniques involved in campaign marketing to succeed in your business. If implemented all these with proper plan, then 100% success is sure.
Hope, the above article gives you the outline of what is Digital Marketing and what are the different channels used to promote the campaign in different ways with diversed content in each platform.