Website downtime is the major issue which faced by all bloggers. If the particular website gets down, then it is too bad for Search Engine Optimization. We must ensure that our website must stay always up, it doesn’t matter for what reason the website gets down. Once the website gets down blog owner or the website administrator must get notified either through mail or SMS or by a call.

So let us discuss what uptime monitoring is. Uptime monitoring is just checking regularly with your server to make sure your website is up and loading properly.

Track Uptime and Downtime of a Website


Importance of Monitoring Uptime:

When a user comes to your site and gets information of what your user requires then that’s fine, but when he comes and gets some error like internal server error, then they may get disappointed and no longer comes to your site.


To improve uptime, you should do several things:

Proactively monitor the website: If and when the website goes down, you should be notified immediately so that you may take action.

Have a good web hosting solution: If you are self hosting, work with your Internet service provider to ensure connectivity at all times. Get a Service Level Agreement so that you understand what can be done when connectivity goes down. If you are not self-hosting, find a provider that will give you an SLA on the system(s) they are managing and Internet connectivity.


Why Website Goes Down?

There are many possible reasons for a website to go down and some of them are listed below

Scheduled Maintenance – Even if the websites are designed properly, it requires scheduled maintenance, from time to time.

Traffic Spikes – Website down mainly caused due to sudden spikes in web traffic.

Hacker attacks – Hackers can bring down the website in different ways like stealing security credentials, inject harmful codes.

Website’s Code Issue – Bad codes in the website may cause your heavy load on servers and thus cause site totally unresponsive.

Track Uptime and Downtime of a Website


Most Commonly used Website Uptime Monitoring are Listed Below:

  • UPTime Robot
  • Host Tracker
  • Uptime
  • Siteuptime

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