We already discuss the various impact of social media channels in digital marketing. Many of the companies are highly concentrated on social media for attracting customers. FB provides many features for Ad creation, Ad campaign etc., Many companies are concentrate on company social profile and maintain that as very professional for attracting clients. Now we get into the discussion of ” how it helps in digital marketing?” 

twitter marketing


Twitter profile 

We are all the users of Twitter, we all the knowledge of using of Twitter features, some of the basic things of account creation and maintain the account as professional. We can target our customers through twitter media channel. If we share unique information the people who follow us may share them and nonfollowers can also retweet them so that we can reach the number of people. 


SEO factors 

 There are many strategies followed in SEO, but they all have one basic concept is we must create brand trust among the people and search engine. So, that we may get proper ranking. The twitter features like retweet, share helps to reach the people in a wide manner. If the account has the number of followers google search engine found that it is trusted and increase the ranking in search engine. 

 twitter hashtag



A hashtag is also a type of keyword research, helps to reach the people related to the terms or target on a specified keyword. It is a method to engage the customers and also help them to find in search results. 


Social media channels for page ranking 

 Twitter helps to send the quick information to the clients so that the user gets the quick response. The quick response feels the customers as unique and proper communication convert the user into our clients. We can get the number of followers only we provide unique ideas. This creates brand awareness among the people, it will boost the page rank in search engine. 

If we provide unique information related to our fields the people who interested in our services or search for services will share the article in their profile and their follower shares the content on their side. Some used to give the link to their blogs so that we may obtain proper backlinking. It helps to increase the page ranking in search engine.