An infographic uses different visual elements to display data. However, it is up to you to pick the elements that quite fit the data you want to convey to readers. 

 Infographics are a visual design of data, information or knowledge meant to represent the data clearly and quickly. An infographic should be visually appealing and include a topic component and data that is attractive to your target readers. We all prefer graphical presentations to represent textual information because it will be more impressive when compared to other methods of content marketing’s.  

  • Timelines    
  • Statistical, Informational & Data Visualizations 
  • Process 
  • Resume 
  • Comparison & Hierarchical 




Timeline infographics images is a narrative or order in time, applying a connecting line with various periods of time branching out. The timeline infographics are used to explain the passage of time period of certain things. 


Statistical, Informational & Data Visualizations

A Statistical infographic is a type of template is used, when you are proposing to explain a story using the numbers and statistical data. It includes charts, graphs and other form of data representations. This Statistical template should be used when you want to put the focus on your data. 

The informational infographics are essential to convey text-oriented data in a simple and clear manner to understand points to the visitors. It includes presentations, brochures, information posters, instructional guides and some manuals. 



Process infographics are used to show a sequence of points in a linear order. This process infographic is similar to timeline infographics. It accurately breaks the set processes into a group of light to understand the steps. It makes even complex information to understand quickly. 

 infographics types


The Resume infographics are specially introduced for job seekers. It is used to describe the qualities of job seekers resemble concerning trends to creatively set themselves separated from the rest members.  

Especially, a resume infographic should be used as an extra record to characterize your regular resume format. If you share your resume infographics in a social media means there is a great chance of bringing the job interviews attention towards you. 


Comparison and Hierarchical

The comparison infographics are used to the comparison of two things in graphically. Generally, this comparison infographics are used to highlight the differences or relationships, and the advantage and disadvantages of a particular set of data, it also helps as a guide for deciding among the couple different prospects. It is used to differentiate the types of things of two things (The things may be brands, devices, reports, places, categories, countries etc.). For example, when comparing the two different brands of computers like HP and MAC. 

Hierarchical infographics are used create data at various levels. It follows a real particular design and is utilized to display whereby data is combined into various levels and how every level is compared to another. The numerous popular visualizations for hierarchy are the pyramid or flow charts.