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In the fast moving digital world, online business and online marketing has become more vital and a time saving process. Every individual does everything in online. When speaking about this online process, it mainly deals with the attractive Websites. The important points to be noted while designing websites are it should be rich in content and moreover it should be user friendly with proper navigation and clear understanding of content and to make the user to engage in your website for long duration. To ensure that these points are being implemented in a website, a certain technique is being used to implement and that is what is called as the Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the activity which involves the process of optimizing your website to rank at the top of search engine results page. Here the main focus is to be in first position for your targeted keywords in the Search Engine Results Page. To do this there are two different techniques that can be implemented,
1. On Page SEO
2. Off Page SEO

On page SEO:

As we discussed above a good website should be rich in content which could be otherwise called as content marketing. On Page Search Engine Optimization includes the good content, perfect keywords selection, Optimizing the images, giving appropriate title to every page, etc. This is the process which takes place on the website during the design stage and also whenever updation is needed it is being done based on client requirement.
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Off Page SEO:

This is the process which is being done off the page (i.e.) after the development of website. Off Page includes Link Building Activities. This important strategy plays a vital role in enhancing the ranking of the page in SERP.
Understanding the usage of Internal and External Links are more important as overall process of Digital Marketing Plan which in turn relies on SEO. Each type of link has its place in a strategic SEO plan aimed at boosting your position on the search engine results page.
Now let us see in detail about Internal, External Link with its Usage and Benefits

What is Link?

Link which directs the user from one page to another within your website or out of your website which here referred as other external websites which have high domain authority.
The anchor text is the text which is used for hyperlink. These text must be more descriptive and it will help both search engine bot to crawl your website as well as the user to have better knowledge about your website.

These Links are of two types.

One is internal linking and other is external linking. Now let us see in detail about each and their difference.

  • Internal Linking – Links within the same domain
  • External Linking – Links to other Domain


Internal Linking:

Internal links are the one which navigates within your own site or other page of your website. Internal Links makes the site to be interconnected with other pages. The internal Linking is not only the process of navigation but apart from that it also make the users to read relevant content and gives clear understanding and most importantly it also increases the Ranking of your website. Meaningful internal links always leads to higher ranking in SERP.

How to do Interlinking?

1. Select the text for which you need to give internal linking. Those text are here referred as “Anchor text”
2. Type the relevant text to which your webpage needs to navigate to other page in your website or paste the URL if you already known.
Below is the screenshot, which describe how to give interlinking for your website.
How to give Internal Linking
The interlinking makes the user to have a full control over the anchor text. It also helps the search engines to know better about, what is the webpage all about is. If the designer chooses the best anchor text and title to a link, then it would be certainly valuable – even when the link comes from another webpage within the website.
Below screenshot gives you the better understanding about interlinking in your website.
Internal Link
Benefits of Internal Linking:
Internal Links on a web page will help a user to stay engaged with your website for long duration. These links will be more useful for the user to navigate from one page to other page on your same domain and increase the authority of your web page and overall your website and encourage the user to become your customer or client or your follower in the future. These internal links are often termed as “Call to Action“.
Here these call to action act as a internal link for your website and prompt a user to read or learn more about your website or web page.
Your website visibility and rank on a search engine can be improved by adding more internal links. As we discussed above, the usage of anchor text must be more descriptive and relevant to the navigating web page so that search engine bot will understand your website clearly.
If a web page has easy navigation for user and search engine, the website will get indexed properly and hence your website will be visible in all users.
If you have more internal links in your website it will definitely increase your website ranking on search engine result page.
Internal Links Build Your SEO: By using internal link for your website, it provide many benefits for SEO. When search engine spider crawls and identify your website it will monitor the links which is used and try to find the additional and relevant pages which you have created in your website.

External Linking:

External links are the links that points to different website which means If any other website links to your wesbite, this link is considered to be an external link for your site. Similarly, if you link out to any other website, this is also considered to be an external link.

Code Sample:

<a href=””>Link Anchor Text</a>

External link

Optimal Format

Use descriptive and meaningful anchor text in your website for better interlinking. Your anchor text must take the reader to correct web page which they search for. Instead if they takes them to any irrelevant page then the user may leave your website and will search for other websites. This may also drop your ranking in search engine result page.

While using anchor text, make sure that you are not using the same keyword or text for every time. Then it will trigger spam detector. So, use proper anchor text to enhance context and usability for your users as well as search engines.

Benefits of Using External Link in your Website:

Increase Visibility: External Links plays an important role to improve your website traffic. It is the best way to increase traffic to your website from any other high domain authority website. Google counts the quality and quantity of the links which used in your website. These can be done by adding trustworthy and informative external links. It may decrease the reachability of the content if you use any poor quality or duplicate content in website.
Linking to other websites will never hurt your page rank if you link to valuable website. An external link is more valuable if it links to a popular (top ranking in search engine result page) and relevant content (related to the content on your web page). Valuable external links will also help to improve the authority of your website, by providing a user with references or additional information from other websites.
Whenever you link to any other website, those linked website are likely to return the favor by linking to your website. External links are the best way to get free traffic for your website

Difference between Internal & External Links:

Internal links are the links which points to the specific or different pages on your same domain. These internal links can be found in the menu bar on top of each website, sidebar, footer, post/ pages in your same domain. Here each tab is internally linked with other sections on the same domain.
When we speak about external link, as the name implies these links points out to an entirely different domain. External link can be anything which goes out of your own website in to any other high domain authority website. These can point to any educational website, Wikipedia or other website with high domain authority. If any external links that points your own website then those links are referred as “Inbound Links”.


There are many factors that are needed to be consider when search engine have certain power to rank a particular site and making visible to the user. Among those factors, Internal and external links plays a vital role in SEO. These factor will take more time to get indexed but the output will be more efficient for your business by boosting your website and improve your site rank on the Search Engine Result Page.

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