Remarketing is one of the most important marketing strategies to be considered to increase the conversion rate. In Google AdWords, remarketing can be done only over the display network. After knowing the importance of remarketing, business people started promoting their brand.  


How it works? 

If you are a Business person then you must be aware about the Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. If you know this then implementing remarketing is just a simple task. A piece of code will be placed in your website and once a visitor enters into your website, then their details will be extracted and will be stored by creating a list. In future after particular limit, you can target the particular audience with your remarketing campaigns.  

google update

Google’s Latest Update on Remarketing Ads 

Google released their latest update on the Remarketing Ad settings. Now users were provided with an option to mute the Ads which is shown repeatedly by targeting them. This applies for the remarketing ads that are created for the list of users who showed interest on buying some products.  

In technical words, it is called remainder ads and now there is an option for the users to mute remainder ads. Also now people can mute the remainder ads from the specific advertiser who is showing the ads repeatedly.  

In Google Ad Settings you can see some options like Current Remainder Ads and Muted Remainder Ads. Also users can’t block the advertiser permanently; the ads will be blocked maximum for about 90 days. After that the ads will be unlocked.  

Also “Mute this Ad” feature is synchronized among the devices. For example: If you are blocking the ads in mobile devices then if you logged into PC using the same mail id then the ads will be blocked in desktop also.