SERPSTAT is comprehensive tool for Search engine optimization. It consists of all the kinds of analysis features. It is designed to improve the business performance in search engine. The features under SERPSTAT helps you to get a clear view of your keywords, content marketing and Search engine results. The results of SERPSTAT helps you to beat your competition.
SERPSTAT even helps you to get search engine ranking of your competitors so that you can improve your business performance in search engine. With all the details in your hand, you can create effective SEO campaigns and reach the top results in Google search engine.
There are many features and advanced options are present in SERPSTAT, In this article, we going to discuss the website analysis in SERPSTAT. Here we going to cover all the advanced options and benefits of website analysis in SERPSTAT.

Website Analysis

After creating an account in serpstat you will get into the new dashboard where you find “n” number options for search engine optimization. The first and foremost option in SERPSTAT is Website analysis, where you can get complete analytics report of the website.
In website analysis, you can found two major options. They are the Domain Analysis and URL Analysis. In Domain analysis you can access by entering a domain name, whether in URL analysis you can access through by entering URL of main page of URL of a specific page instead of domain name. The below screenshot shows the view of website analysis in SERPSTAT.
Website Analysis
The SERPSTAT dashboard looks like above give an image, if search domain name in the search tab you will get all the analytics reports about the website.

Domain Analysis

In domain analysis, you will get complete analyzed reports of search engine ranking. Which page has the most traffic, List of keywords and their ranks in the search engine, It also lists if there is any paid search running for specified keywords. If it found it will provide the search volume and CPC for the specified keyword. It will undergo the complete analysis of a domain and their performance in Goole search engine.

Under Domain Analysis

Domain analysis, you can find the more options related to search engine optimization. The details research of domain analysis is provided in below options. The below image shows the list of options under domain analysis.
Under Domain Analysis
Every option will give you detailed results of the domain and its search engine results. The SEO search includes all the search engine optimization analytics reports in a detailed manner.

URL Analysis

URL analysis helps to analyze the specified page, where you can compare more than two page and found the competition, search volume and even more. It also suggests the list of keywords with their volume also it suggest the missing keywords.
URL Analysis
The above given screenshot are the dashboard of URL analysis, it is similar to the domian analaysis but a small change, where give the domain analysis we choose domain in dropdown, For URL analysis you must select the URL option in dropdown. The Dropdown get varied for different options. The below screenshot is the dropdown option in search analysis.

Under URL Analysis

Below URL analysis you can found different options. The Keywords are used to display all the keywords the specified keywords ranks in search engine results.
The competitors suggest the list of competitors to the related page along with the number of social shares.
As discussed earlier in URL analysis you can compare more than two URL’s and found their positive and negatives.
There are many online tools are available to URL analysis, but the SERPSTAT provides many advanced options, it also offers missing keywords for given page URL.
Under URL analysis - SERPSTAT


The SERPSTAT is considered as one of the best tools of search engine optimization; the SEO starts from the website, so need analyze website properly and make them rank at the top in search engine results.