Website color combinations are the most important thing in web designing. And it is a bit complicated task and tricky thing. Colors reflect our attitudes and emotions, they communicate with a particular region of a brain called hypothalamus when our eyes see colors. This sends some cascade of signals to the pituitary glands and thyroid glands. The thyroid glands release some hormones which cause changes in emotions and moods and controls behavior.

Website Color Psychology

Color psychology is a study of science which consists how colors affect human behaviors and emotions. So lets us see some color facts and how to select colors for website designing to attract visitors and to increase the conversion rate.


Which colors catches our eye first?

If you want to design your website using catchy colors, then use neon colors like pink, hot pink, sky blue, bright or lime green, orange, lemon yellow and vivid yellow, this will attract visitors and to increase bounce rate. You may combine these neon colors with neutral colors like black and white for text content or heading texts, finally, the result will be extraordinarily eye-catching website color.



The blue color is most popular color for website designing. It gives a professionalism and reasonableness to websites. It represents reliability, trust, belonging and coolness of a website. It is recommended for business websites.

Website Color Psychology



The red color is one of the most noticeable colors. It represents energetic, strength, passion. Bright red is a kind of excitement color. And sometimes the red color denotes for danger. It is mostly used to highlight the important things on a web page.



The Orange is a vibrant and energetic color. It represents playfulness and warmth. Orange is also used to highlight significant things.



The Yellow represents warmth, cheer, and sunshine. It is used to symbolize happiness. Vivid yellow and lemon yellow are the most fatiguing color. Because more light is revealed by these bright colors and as a result, there is an extreme stimulation of the eyes.

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