SEO (Search Engine Marketing) is a marketing strategy focused on getting traffic and improving visibility through organic search engine ranking. Almost all the search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo will display the website, video and local listing which are more relevant to the user query in the search engine result page.

SEO is an investment with high return value. With SEO, you can make the search engines to figure out your site. As search engines are smarter than we think, sometimes it can find your website without SEO too. But there is a limit whereas with the right SEO you can get thousands of visitors to your website and increase impressions & conversions, clicks, traffic to your website.

Why Your Business Website Needs SEO

You can use Social Media, Search Engines, Email Marketing and Blogging to drive traffic to your website. But most of the website traffic is from the Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search Engine is the primary for navigating search engine users to your website. If search engine couldn’t find your site or rank it then you are missing the opportunity to drive traffic to your website. Search Engines could help you in growing your business by making it visible in online and they provide right customer or targeted traffic to your website as search engine display result for what people for looking for by entering the search query.


Search Query

These are the words what users type in the search engine. Through search queries only people could able to find the particular website. For example, people may enter Facebook in the search box and enter into Facebook Website rather than typing the Facebook website URL. SEO is the technique through which you make your website in a way that is understandable by search engine. SEO is all about finding the keywords and phrases that can generate traffic to your website, give better experience to the website visitors and building a unique value for your website in search engine and also among the internet users.