When a website is designed newly that is a great opportunity to improve SEO, Conversion rates and as well as digital marketing. There will be a great disaster in SEO and ranking when a smooth transition from old website to the new website. 

Now let us discuss about what one needs to consider during website redesign and also to retain and improve your existing rankings in Search Engine Result Page and traffic.  

For many businesses, organic search can be the biggest driver of website traffic. And, in these cases, damage to SEO during a redesign can be disastrous. 

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SEO & website redesigns 

During website redesign, there are three main key components to maintain your rankings and organic traffic. 


Must have a clear idea about the current working of SEO.   

You must have a good idea of what is working currently like keywords and topics that rank, pages that bring in organic traffic and so on.  


Knowledge of common issues that crop up with a redesign. 

  • Content can be removed or Changed.  
  • Content may move within the site’s hierarchy. 
  • URLs may change. 
  • New content or sections can be added. 
  • Internal link structure could change. 
  • Domain name or subdomain or protocol may change. 


A detailed view of what will change on the newly designed website. 

You will have a sitemap for the newly designed website that you can use to compare against the existing site and create mappings for URL moves. 

Our ultimate aim is to improve your SEO with your new site and not just to maintain. 

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Website Redesign Checklist: