A website will generate traffic through posting blogs in regular interval of time. Unique posts will help bloggers to rank their webpage in top of search results. Also, some interesting content will make the blog more popular and it will get traffic organically. But it will be based on the initial reach of people.  

If you are a regular blogger, then you can’t submit your web page each and every time after publishing the sites. Also if you are posting more articles then it will consume time to ping individual posts 


What is Ping? 

Ping is the way of informing the search engines and other popular websites that you have published a new blog or updated any old post on your blog. So that it will make the indexing so easy. 


What is WordPress Ping? 

A WordPress ping list is a list of Web Directories or Servers. Most popular blog publishing website like WordPress informs these web directories whenever you publish a new post, Update your existing content, or when you update your WordPress blog or website. 

 wp ping

How WordPress Ping Works? 

Initially, WordPress creates an XML-RPC (remote procedure call protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism) ping each time whenever you create a post or update your site or the particular post on your website. It sends your request to all ping service that you have listed on your WordPress ping list box. 


Is it ping can Hurt My Blog? 

As already mentioned, WordPress will automatically ping your blog every time you publish a post or edit a post, this is a good thing. But it can hurt you, if you edit posts a lot, especially within a short period of time. 

ping list

With each edit, WordPress sends a ping to the update services. Excessive pinging like this can get your site banned from the update services for being a spammer. 


How Often you can Ping your Blog 

  • Ping your blog only when it’s updated; 
  • Never ping your blog when it’s not updated; 
  • Never do over ping. It’s a penalty; 
  • Use plug-ins to avoid over pinging; 
  • WordPress ping list or Pinging sites never boost your ranking. It just for indexing.



WordPress ping list is very useful to your blog reach to major search engines. Whenever you publish a new post, or when you modify a post, this will sends a ping to all the Ping service which is you have listed under your ping update service. This makes you to easily get indexed by all major search engines.