Announcing the successful Digital Marketing lecture of Logesh Kumar CEO and founder of INFOZUB at the KPR Engineering College. The guest lecture was delivered in 6 August 2016 and were attended by KPR college students. Logesh Kumar focused on the importance of digital marketing in today’s world and how it applies to various industries. The INFOZUB CEO also provided information about current digital marketing trends and encouraged students to become aware of these different techniques to be able to apply them with their work in the future.

INFOZUB Guest Lecture on Digital Marketing at KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology (3)

The guest lecture of Logesh Kumar marks INFOZUB’s regular participation in the institution’s learning programs and was organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. In 2014, INFOZUB has joined KPR College in their Industry-Institution meet called iCube.

Digital marketing is known to be one of the most important ways to boost a business or company’s brand, products and services. Due to advancing technologies, customers now look for information online and same goes with looking for the best products or services to use. Smart digital marketing trends will help keep businesses and companies competitive and will stay in touch with their customers’ needs.

Photo Gallery about latest guest lecture of Logesh Kumar at the KPR Engineering College is available here.

About Logesh Kumar:

Logesh is the Founder and CEO of Infozub. He founded Infozub when he was just in his second year in college as he believed that SEO implementation was not given enough ability to reach its full potential. Before he founded Infozub, Logesh was into freelance work creating SEO projects and by the time he completed college in May 2016 he has already more than 4 years of experience in providing SEO and allied services. To Logesh, SEO continues to evolve and is very important in brand perception in a data-driven world. He is a self-learner and technology and physics interests him the most. More information about Logesh Kumar at


INFOZUB is a global company that specializes in SEO and services that are involved with digital marketing and cloud integration. More information about INFOZUB at