Quoted from Digital Marketers Group, Coimbatore:

Key Speaker: Mr.Logesh Kumar R, CEO / Founder of INFOZUB.

27th Jan 2018 was a wonderful insight knowledge session on how businesses can utilize SEO in 2018.

Logesh Kumar has extreme experience in SEO and he has a very good vision in the digital marketing industry. He transferred his knowledge from websites, landing pages, finding good Keywords, PPC, Google Compute Engine, Webmaster tools, on page optimization, Plagiarism, Keyword Density, Anchor Texting and lots more!

He has strong knowledge about data mining in SEO and loves to explore the future technology of Search Engine Optimization. He is transparent to all by sharing his knowledge in digital marketing and looking to explore more with hands-on sessions together.

We glad to thank #LogeshKumarR for had a wonderful session and thanks to PSG-step and Coimbatore Startups!