As quote goes “With hard work comes the taste of success” our hard work paid us with recognition in “Silicon India start-ups City” Magazine. Being a start-ups getting a recognition itself is a big thing, now big things started falling our way “Infozub is recognized in top ten Best Start-ups in SEO”, Feb 2017 and our four years of hard work is worth for it. “We Grow by Lifting You” Thank You for all your love and support.

infozub magazine certificate

Know the Journey of INFOZUB
The founding story of INFOZUB dates back to a time when Logesh was in first year of engineering and what started as a Technology Blog evolved to be a Digital Marketing Platform by the end of second year. Logesh, being the class topper for two consecutive years had noticed a major loop hole in the entire education system. Most engineering students including him were studying outdated syllabus which lacked real time applications and had no impact on the outside world. Being quick to step out of his comfort zone and not falling prey to the entire system, Logesh decided to follow his passion and that gave shape to INFOZUB in October 2013.

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