Apple Bites Chennai – Food Photography October 2015

Apple Bites Chennai – Food Photography October 2015

From Photographer: Vigneshwaran Muthukumar

Food photography can be more difficult, so take the picture before it changes it’s nature. It’s a quite tough to shoot for the brand “Apple Bites” brochure, menu and digital banner. As these requirements are different from each other, I have to shoot individually based on their needs in different environments. This photo-shoot involves both food styling and food photography. They have a wide variety of foods to shoot which includes from a full meal to a complete heart melting desserts and are unique with their colors, textures and preparation methods. So the styling procedure takes the first preference here. The first challenge I met was to shoot a curd rice, it’s a simple dish but have to show it in a mouth-watering view. Believe it or not, this dish taken nearly three hours of the shoot. The next challenge was to shoot ice creams, which has a wide range of flavors. So a well-planned pre shoot was made with some crushed papers in a bowl resembling a scoop of ice cream, then it’s a quite good that we came with and some post production works were made to create the food look appetizing. At last, after two days of complete shoot and post production works , Apple Bites were happy to see their dishes in digital screens and brochures.


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June 27, 2016

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