Native Special – Food Photography February 2016

Native Special – Food Photography February 2016

From Photographer: Vigneshwaran Muthukumar

Native special, the online snack sellers in Tamilnadu. They have approached us for photography service. The requirement is to shoot their products to display in their website. They had a wide range of south Indian traditional snacks. So I decided to show the subjects in a traditional way. On a plain background I started shooting using studio light, but the real color of the food doesn’t show up in the photos. So I waited for the right time to shoot, the day offered me a flavor. It was a cloudy day and the clouds become the natural diffuser, and made my work simple. They need a dark dramatic photos, it’s quite difficult to shoot a dark photo to a dessert. It took nearly 40-50 shots to get an idea about how to shoot dark image of a set. This was my first attempt to shoot the dark photos of food and I made it successfully. Native Special was very much happy to see the results.


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July 12, 2016

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