Pavithran – Portrait Photography November 2015

Pavithran – Portrait Photography November 2015

From Photographer: Vigneshwaran Muthukumar

Pavithran, an enthusiastic and friendly guy. He is an upcoming director in Tamil cine industry. The portrait is to display in his feature film. He is a charismatic personality with Out-of-the-box thinking. So I decided to make a black and white portrait of him, when I had a discussion with him regarding this, he said he need a portrait which displays his personality. We had funny moments during the shoot. We planned for the shoot a lot, we went lots of locations. But finally we decided to shoot indoors without any props. So the shoot happened with one main light and one fill light. I added some spice to the photo, and then i have added the smoke effect and one backlight, thus it looks more dramatic and a good monogram.


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June 28, 2016

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