Facebook Advertising is on the boom in the recent days. The reason is that more people have started using the Facebook more in the recent days. Facebook Advertising lets the business people target the potential audience easily.  

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Facebook’s New Policy: 

Recently Facebook has created a new policy which effectively bans ads for cryptocurrency and its related terms. The main reason for policy change, Facebook says, it is to honor one of its core advertising principles that the ads should be safe. Ads related to cryptocurrency are mostly misleading and tends to deceptive practices. 


Some examples of the prohibited ads include:  

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  • Use your retirement funds to buy Bitcoin 

 Though the policy on Facebook seems to sound loud. It is also applicable to the Instagram which is owned by Facebook. This policy change by Facebook is to make the scammer’s job tough to survive on the Social media networks. However, this may not guarantee that everyone will be caught. Facebook also encourages its users to report the Ads which violates its policies or seems to be a scam. 

 Facebook has giving many updates on Ads and in the advertising policies which will make the users to get more relevant ads to them. Facebook mainly focuses on disapproving the ads which are not at all relevant to the users and also seems to be a scam.   

As a business people, you can try to get more leads on Facebook by targeting the custom audience set for your business. This can be done professionally by availing the Facebook advertising services from the best digital marketing agency in Coimbatore. The main advantages of availing Facebook marketing services from the professionals is that they will know the tactics to create the ads which will make the target audience to interact with and also to reach more people indeed.