Search engine marketing is also an effective marketing strategy in marketing place. Because everyone has an eye on top rank so the number of follows different kinds of strategy. Search engine marketing also kind of strategy followed in highly competitive marketing place. 




 Search engine marketing is marketing by using the paid ads in search engine results. We track the users by their search keywords in the search engine and the ads are applied based on their search so that we can reach our customers in possible ways. By paid ads, we can track and target our customers in geographically also. 


Difference between SEO and SEM 

We know about both SEO and SEM in different ways but many of them have confusion like SEO and SEM. Search engine marketing refers to paid search marketing but for Search engine optimization we will not pay for website traffic. But both are the two different important strategies of Digital Marketing. 


Basics of Search Engine Marketing 

The first and foremost thing we must do in search engine marketing is Keyword research. First of all, we must know all the keywords users use in a search engine. So that we can concentrate on the different keyword for ranking in the top of search engine. 

search engine marketing

There are many free tools are available for performing keyword research. In the keyword, we may found possible keywords, keywords with high search values and negative keywords. It helps to filter all the kinds of keywords and find the right keywords to rank in search engine. 


SEM trends in 2018 

 At first, many companies concentrate on ads to reach the customers when the technology develops people find possible ways to reach the customers. In 2018 they found some new ways to reach their customers, some of them given below. 

  1. Visual search
  2. Voice search
  3. Mobile index
  4. Target customers geographically
  5. Focused content



 In every year there are many new ways are found to reach customers. We must update in digital marketing strategy to rank top in search engine.